She Wants To Be The Woman In The Picture

A short history lesson about photography.  

Commercial photography got its start in 1839, so during my CounterClockwise series that art was still in its infancy and very technology-forward.

Smart ladies and gentlemen of fashion began displaying photographs on fireplaces mantles, parlor room tables and hung them on walls to show off their savvy sense of taste.

Besides being fashionable,  there was yet another reason why a man and woman would display photos – to put an official stamp on a romantic relationship.

Romance finds a way.

It does seem that no matter how advanced we as society get, matters of the heart find a way to become part and parcel of that. Take the internet for example, and the long list of dating websites that any single person can use to find that perfect someone.

The same held true in the 1840s, the decade in which my entire series takes place. Men and women began sending photos of themselves to the person they loved in the hope of winning their heart. This of course did wonders for the mail-order bride business, by taking the “blindness” out of it.

There’s more.

Much more. At the top of the list of how photography helped foster romance in our world was the act of taking a photo of a couple while they were at social events. For many, this put a kind of stamp of officiality on the relationship – or at least of the interest of both parties.

The ladies in my CounterClockwise series come to a time when they want to be the woman in the picture. Be the lady at the man’s side and show the world that he is in her life.

It goes on from there.

As in all romance storie there is a good deal of confusiton, mixed messages, communication gone totally wrong and lovers failing to believe in each other.

Photography plays an important part in many ways in this story as you will find out as the series continues with volumes 4 and 5 and beyond if I continue the series further.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yolanda says:

    Another version of you in that image, Nancy? A different time and style true but you could have been here once upon a time.


  2. Jill says:

    While I’m sad that you’re not continuing this series, I am DELIGHTED that you are pursuing your dream, Nancy!!


  3. Cat says:

    That’s a very elegant and accurate way to put it. Even women nowadays want to be the lady in the picture with the man they love!


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