Five Of Swords – Ouch That Smarts!

And unfortunately, it does hurt!

This card is not one we like to see when reading Tarot, as it usually indicates that one person in particular has been rather mean and nasty, and left plenty of heartbreak in his wake.

Surely not a message to be taken lightly, the Five Of Swords gets our attention right away and warns us that there is a possibility of the same problem happening over and over, unless we take proper measures.

Five Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

First let me give you the classic meaning of the Five Of Swords: Suffering a humiliating defeat. Being struck down by someone you know who was pretending to be a friend. It’s a card of feeling ambushed, emotionally and verbally abused and, to add more insult to the injury – even bad-mouthed (for lack of a better way to put it) by those you trusted.

Yes, this is not a sweet energy here, but life is a mix of roses and thorns so we do need to learn to deal with both.

About The Suit Of Swords

This suit is not known for being pleasant, but, that isn’t really the case at all. All four suits – Swords, Wands, Cups and Pentacles – can have their dark side, but Swords does seem to carry quite a bit of worry and difficulty with its cards and for the most part this suit comes as a warning.

The two areas of life that Swords relates to are communication and conflict – of course with much more detail than just saying it like that.

Communication, to give you a crash course here, brings learning, intelligence, logic, messages of all kinds, contracts, legal matters, school-matters such as written tests and entrance applications, and it also relates to orders given and rules made.

Conflict is self-explanatory to a large degree but it does also have to do with standing up for oneself and for what is valued. Sometimes conflict is justified and the Swords do bring the idea of going to battle (verbally) for a good cause.

Swords relate to Air Signs in astrology and so the spirit of communication and intelligence is brought in to the Tarot readings in that way as well.

About The Number Five In Tarot

Number fives are ones those of us who have been reading Tarot cards for some time are not totally pleased to see. In fact the number five classically brings the message of changes that will be made, and made with quite a bit of difficulty.

It’s interesting that the fifth house in astrology is such a pleasant one – it relates to love, romance, creativity and parenting – and none of those things come naturally with a number five in Tarot.

Furthermore in the Major Arcana, the number five is assigned to The Hierophant, which is a card that does not bring changes rather it points to what does not change in ones’ life such as traditional customs and religious practices.

And so the five is a rather complex number in many ways, at least as it stands in the Tarot.

Spiritual Message

You need to take a discreet but thorough look at everyone around you. Especially those who have knowledge about your private affairs.

It’s possible that someone in your camp is pretending to be a friend while they are in fact revealing things about you to make you look like the fool in front of others. And possibly worse than that. This pretender may want something you have and sees the opportunity to get ahead by sabotaging you in some important way.


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