A Magical Good Luck Charm

Throughout history.

People have believed in many kinds of good luck charms nearly since time began. From certain metals, to gems, to flowers, to locks of hair, to religious artifacts, to animals…..there have been so many different objects that are thought to bring a person good luck it is not possible to list them all.

However, there is one particular kind of special good luck charm that comes to the characters in CounterClockwise and it ends up having quite an impact on the story.  It’s a beautiful earring that turns out to have magical powers of its own,

Read on….

It started with Connie.

Maragarita’s mother, Connie, brings with her to New York a pair of earrings her mother gave to her on her 13th birthday. They were heavy Mexican silver, encrusted with diamonds, and had large teardrop shaped pearls that dropped down gracefully from the ear. Beautiful pieces, Connie had been proud to wear them, and was devastated when she lost one of them while dancing at a ball the very first Spring after she and Richard had settled into their elegant Manhattan home.

From that night on, the remaining earring was kept in a small wooden box that had a pink and read heart painted on it. Connie was certain that this lone earring would bring the love and protection from her mother whenever it was needed.

Making it official.

When things began to change for Connie, and her marriage and her entire way of life was threatened, she decided to bring the earring to Fr. Doyle at St. Mark’s Church for it to be blessed.

Odd things happened after that afternoon when Connie stole away from her family and went to the church in secret. She didn’t want anyone to question her about her actions and furthermore ask why she felt she needed to be even more assured of the good luck she’d receive from her precious earring.

One of the stranger occurences was when a man driving a carriage dropped his hat. Without thinking, he bent down to retrieve the hat and took his eyes off the road.

Just then he was stung by a bee. That caused him to bring the carriage to a stop – just a few yards away from Connie, who was crossing the street at the time. If the man had not been stung he would surely have run into Connie – and likely would have killed her.


From that day on, Connie felt all the more certain that she indeed had a gift from Heaven, and kept the earring with her wherever she went.

No one else knew why she had this small wooden box with her, and certainly her maid was curious but did not ask, and Connie preferred it that way. Keeping her little treasure to herself, safeguarding it from the rest of the world, was something she believed she needed to do in order to preserve the good luck. And as time goes on in the story, Connie finds she needs all the good luck she can possibly get.

It goes on from there.

Connie’s earring becomes the property of others – some of them receive it as a gift and others steal it as a scare tactic.

So the wood box with the heart on it finds its way into different places, and has a magical affect on those who use it with care, and has a shocking affect on those who do not.


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  1. Gorgeous earrings – and a very clever way to bring a sub-storyline into your series!


  2. Tina says:

    I love this kind of storytelling. It’s the small details that make it special.


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