Seven Of Swords


Seven Of Swords Meaning

Seeing the Seven Of Swords is like a red flag going up, and so deception, and those deceiving us, comes to the fore.

Classically the Seven Of Swords tells the story of the thief who attempts to steal seven swords from another camp. But he doesn’t plan well and when he gets there he finds he cannot carry them all by himself and must leave two. However he does steal those five nonetheless.

There is a secondary message here about failed plans, and that if a person in your own camp is lying to you, there will be something he/she missed that can lead to your discovering his/her identity.

When the Seven Of Swords is seen in a Tarot reading, there needs to be a close examination of everyone’s actions in your whole circle, and that does include you yourself.

Tarot Suit Of Swords

There are two main aspects of the Suit Of Swords – communication and conflict.  

This suit is associated with persons having a high degree of intelligence, an ability to remove the emotions from any situation, and a tendency toward having a sharp tongue.

Swords are excellent cards to see when rational thinking is what your situation needs, and also where logic and reason need to be applied.

What happens many times with Swords is that someone or some people as the case may be, will abuse their natural ability to dominate intellectually and that can create a power-struggle situation very quickly.

Additionally, Swords can mean that some kind of spying has been going on, leading to malicious gossip and slanderous comments.

Even though Swords do not relate to emotions, there can be a distinct air of jealousy around them and that also can lead to backstabbing and hurtful criticism.

Astrology And Numerology

Swords as a suit relate to Air Signs in Astrology.  This underscores the communication and conflict aspects of this suit, and brings a spirit of intellectualism as well.  The number seven relates to inner struggles and how we internalize what’s going on in our lives.

Put the two together and the Seven Of Swords means that we need a good talking-to from ourselves.  Knowing what and who you are and what and who you want to be is vital to making the best decisions and feeling good about yourself after you do.

Spiritual Messages

  • You must watch out for someone who may try to steal something you have. Since the Swords corresponds to communication, it naturally rules the internet. It’s possible that an identity thief or credit card thief has managed to hack into your information.
  • A person you probably don’t know very well is stabbing you in the back; and even though you’re not closely acquainted, he/she knows enough bits and pieces about you to create some kind of a story.
  • Lay low as much as you can. Surround yourself with those who love you. Keep a very positive attitude about life, and tell no one the details about your plans or what you may be getting.
  • Don’t ever hesitate to stand up for yourself. Bullies do not like being confronted, and that’s what this person most likely is underneath all the bold talk.
  • Stand up for yourself and you’ll show others how strong you really are and how weak this bully’s character really is.

Tarot readings become a part of my CounterClockwise Paranormal Love Story story beginning with book #2 “Connie and Richard”.  

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  1. Lucille says:

    The tarot aspects of your story is wonderful. You have a great work in the making.


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