Much More

How it happened. 

She was captivated by  him. And, like a true romantic fool, believed he was simply shy or afraid to come forward because of his marriage – even though it was a miserable one and a sham of a relationship.

You have to consider her situation. A woman alone, yes, and she was very intelligent. Yet she was sheltered from the world in so many ways. She didn’t open herself up to men. Didn’t give them the chance to get too close. So she wasn’t man-savvy at all. And even in 1840, there was danger in that.

Getting to the core.  

She confronted him, at last. As all heroines must do. Even though she felt so very sure of him, sure that God put him on this green Earth to meet her and vice versa, she still had to face the reality of what his actions meant.

Never being anything like a coward, this lady had been terrified of this man for many reasons. He was younger than her for one. Even though she was a beauty she had that insecurity about aging that even the prettiest of women have.

And there’s more. He was tall and handsome and had a way of making her knees feel like they were caving in at any moment, That was a first for her and it furthered her belief that this was a match made in Heaven.

Yet, for all of her faith and prayers, the man acted the way he always acted with women. Always. He was a cad. A liar. A user.

This lady was hit by a storm with all of this truth. But, it progressed as any storm does – it begins, reaches a peak, and then dies. And she’s now moving into that final phase of her own personal emotional storm.

Yet it’s not over.

Not for him. The man still has his own debt to pay to God and that’s not going to be easy or cheap for him. He’ll be paying for all of his life and likely into the next. That’s how deep this sin runs.

She was his chance for something true and real and honest in life. His one chance to stop pretending in a passionless marriage, and have a woman to truly have, hold and adore. Poor devil. He may not have had any idea of what he was abusing – how valuable it was – but it will come to him like he’s standing under a water tower that suddenly springs a leak.

All his usual medications – lcohol, opium and one woman after the next – will not be enough for him anymore. Because the face of the dark-haired woman he fell in love with, despite all of his pride and his stubbornness, will be right there in front of him, every single day, saying, “You miss me more than you thought!”

And so it goes…….

Be sure to look for the update to my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series book #3, “Race Against Time” soon!

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  1. cheryl says:

    This is why I love you and your stories so much. You hit home, girlfriend. Every time.


  2. What’s that old saying? You don’t know what you until you lose it?


  3. Christina says:

    LOVE THIS!!!


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