Queen Of Swords

Queen Of Swords Meaning

Traditionally, The Queen Of Swords is a cool, intellectual kind of lady, who rules her people with a just and logical hand. She’s kind when the situation calls for kindness and doles out punishment – mainly in the way of cutting people off or cutting them down verbally – when she sees the need for it as well.

The Queen Of Swords is sometimes called The Widow; as she tends to be a loner and definitely stands alone in her own counsel. In other words, she leans on no one for support of any kind.

Queens In Tarot

The highest female Court Card, Queens in Tarot are powerful cards that bring us the spirit of the matriarch with the accent on the characteristics of her suit.

For a woman seeing a Queen in Tarot it can point directly at her – or at another woman who is close to her in some important way.

For a man seeing a Queen in Tarot it can point to a significant woman in his life, and could also mean that this is the type of woman he finds most attractive.

I personally always look at Queens and Kings as actual people. For the Queen, she is a mature woman, age 30 or older, who is very smart, has a sharp wit and most likely a sharp tongue to go with that.

Queen Of Swords In Astrology 

She is the Mother Air Sign personality and has a great deal of intellectual prowess to her credit.  The Queen Of Swords, like all air signs, is light and breezy and likes to flit around from place to place and sometimes from relationship to relationship – she gets bored easily.

Never one to back down from a discussion or an argument (in fact, she often starts both) the Queen Of Swords is fiercely independent and doesn’t form long-standing ties easily.  As a parent, she will make sure her children get the best education money can buy.  As a wife and lover she will choose her significant other based on what she wants in life and how that person fits in with her goals.

Spiritual Messages

  • Whatever anyone else does they should not try to pull the wool over your eyes today! With The Queen Of Swords beside you, you’ll be unhappy to say the least about anything less than sincerity and integrity from everyone in your camp, be it at home or at the job.
  • It’s very possible that you’ll have a disagreement with someone in your circle, and please be aware of that the Queen Of Swords energy has the potential for enabling the kind of arguments that cut deep wounds that may be very hard to heal.
  • The Queen Of Swords can act like a weed cutter in a garden and that is what you should be today as well. Give attention to what needs to be removed from your own flowerbeds, and then take extra special care of the lovely plants you want to thrive.
  • Remember that words have the capacity to hurt and to heal – so you should choose the latter as much as you possibly can.
  • Your mental prowess is very strong, so you should devote time to making plans for important things coming up in your life.
  • It’s a great time to send out a resume, contact business associates, and answer emails that pertain to any official or legal matter.
  • Focus on your strengths and tend to the needs of those you love. The Queen Of Swords, for all of her significant brainpower, is still the wife, the mom, the best friend, the lover, and cares deeply for those in her life. Don’t hesitate to tell them that before the day is over.

Tarot readings become part of my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series beginning with book #2 “Connie and Richard”. 

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