Seven Of Pentacles

Seven Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Work and everything you’ve done to date, comes front and center with this card.  You’ve been The Job for quite some time now, and you’ve sown seeds all over the map; and you’re skill set is widening in some great ways.

But you know that doesn’t come without some cautions. The Seven Of Pentacles is a card that highlights your insecurities about your ability, your efficiency, and even your luck.

This card’s story is that of the farmer who has planted his fields, and did so with skill and dedication to his work. Now he’s leaning on his plow, looking over his farmland, and waiting for the harvest.

With this card in your reading,  you are much like that now and the main point here is to stay focused, stay on point, and don’t let your confidence waiver.

Patterns And Repetitions

Seeing the same type, same number, same suit, or same face on a Tarot card twice or more in a row has always been significant to me.

The number seven relates to what we have on the inside in the way of instincts, confidence, sensitivity and knowledge. This is a number that relates to going internal and coming to terms with how we may be sabotaging ourselves through our negativity.

You need to remember that you must find not only balance but also a solid foundation from within yourself and know that that is how you will get through the bumps in the road when you stumble upon them.

Astrology And Numerology

The Suit Of Pentacles itself relates to all things material on this planet.  Be it money, work, education or the accolades you receive, you’ll probably find that seeing a Pentacle in a Tarot reading means business – literally.

In Astrology, that means a relationship to the Earth Signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, and it’s likely that you yourself have one or more of these signs in your natal chart or are dealing closely with at least one other who does.

The number seven in both Numerology and in Tarot, points to an inner voice that can work either for or against you, depending on how you’re looking at your situation.  “What you think becomes what you see” is never more true than when you have one or more seven in your reading.

Spiritual Messages

  • Seeing The Seven Of Pentacles when asking about the future of your work efforts is usually a good card. You, however, may be your own worst enemy and are nit-picking yourself and/or believing that you just won’t get ahead.  Or see that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow you’ve created.
  • At the end of the day you can stand tall, like the farmer I mentioned, be hopeful, and feel good about the great job you’ve done.
  • The time for harvest is coming, and when that cycle does come around, you’ll be all the better for having had to weather a storm here and there – even if that storm was one inside of you.

Tarot readings enter my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance story beginning with book #2 and continue to be important to my characters from there forward.

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