Midway Mary

One of three new characters.

In Book # 3, “Race Against Time”, I appropriately enough created three new characters. I’ll now introduce the first one, Mary Prattle, better known as Midway Mary, who comes into the story as an interesting personality, even though she is not one of the leads.

Mary adds quite a bit of street flavor to the book. She’s cold and calculating and has a hidden agenda that will only partially be revealed in this volume.

Who is Midway Mary?

She’s a woman of about 40 or so, a mousey blonde (though she wears a dark wig when dressing her Gypsy attire) and not terribly physically attractive. Mary was married once, or so she says, has no children and earns her living as an Oracle Card reader who sets up a tent at fairs, carnivals and freak shows and is sometimes the hired entertainment for private parties.

Earning the nickname “Midway” Mary because she walks the midways of the fairs offering her readings to people passing by, Mary has a sinister quality about her that puts people ill at ease. Dressed as a gypsy to fit the part, Mary applies a heavy layer of makeup to compensate for what God did not give her, and doesn’t mind at all that she scares the daylights out of young children.

But, there’s more to her than that. Much more. Mary is also known to many men as an easy one-night-stand who herself never asks for more than that and oftentimes is the first to get up at the crack of dawn and sneak out quietly – happily accepting money when it’s left on the table for her when she goes. For some men her lack of closeness and emotion makes her a dream come true.

Mary and CounterClockwise.

In this story, Mary’s secret plans are revealed, bit by bit, and the background of exactly who she is, where she came from and what kind of grudge she’s carrying around all come together to make her an outstanding female villain.

She seems to the world to be without heart and without a care for anything but money. But alas, that could come back to bite her later on.

Stay tuned everyone. Temperatures are rising and more new characters are walking onto the story-set!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandy says:

    She sounds like a hoot!


  2. Nina says:

    This is one awesome character. She’s mean and comes with so much baggage. I think a woman like her could’ve really existed back then.


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