Just Say Yes

And stop all the “maybe” and “maybe not”.

This may sound like an easy thing to do, but, even in the fictional romance world, it’s never easy or simple for that matter. Complications do arise, and problems from self-doubt to fear to material matters to family issues all get in the way at times – just like they do in real life.

But the difference between what the heroines and heroes in a romance novel do and those of us in real life do is that they see the truth faster than we do and it always happens before the situation gets too sad.

Why people hesitate.

Lots of reasons. Doubting the person they love is probably the number cause for staying in the safe zone rather than stepping outside their comfy box. Next is family considerations. Children, ex-lovers, ex-spouses, all come into the picture as well and they can throw many cogs into the works.

Usually it’s not lack of interest on the part of the heroine or the hero. They’re crazy about each other. Fit together like two puzzle pieces that become seamless when joined. Yes, they’re the right pair no doubt about it. It’s all the other things, important to be sure, but it’s more a matter of how you look at them than what is actually there.

How this can work out.

The fact is that the kids, and the ex-whatevers, can all do just fine without the heroine there taking care of things but all the while doing it with a broken heart. That’s not the way it has to be and there’s no justice served with that either. No one should sacrifice their happiness to please someone else. It would be like a prison sentence.

And what the characters in my books learn is that all the duties and obligations that seemed overwhelming to them at one time, were easier to handle than they ever thought they’d be and that a healthy dose of change worked in everyone’s favor. Go figure.

Love wins.

Love will win. It has to. Every romance author on the planet wants this and indeed makes this happen despite all odds. I’m no different. I’m a romantic soul and actually believe that love will conquer all. Yes indeed.

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  1. chella says:

    You would look amazing in that dress! You have that body type and you look so young!


  2. Linda says:

    Oh yes. It’s you and you’d be crazy-beautiful in that dress!


  3. cheryl says:

    For sure about the dress. It’s Y-O-U Nancy! Love this series. Your heart is clearly in it.


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