Heroes Are Like Johnny And Heroines Are Like June

Two favorite romantic role models.

We’ve all heard of Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Delilah and all the Fairy Tale Princes and Princesses. But we don’t have to go back centuries or look to the world of make believe to find a man and a woman who loved each other so much that the whole world stopped in its tracks and watched in wonder. That beautiful couple is no doubt the late Johnny and June. And they’ve influenced my work in so many great ways I had to stop and write about how that happened.


The Man In Black, with all his trials and challenges in this life, stood a tall, soulful figure among some of the greatest Country Western singers ever – and indeed even the greats have bowed to Johnny’s talent. That speaks volumes for this man. But there’s more to him than a rough and tough guy who sang his heart out. He was also a lover. And in that way he put that big heart of his right out there in front of God and everyone for a pretty brunette named June.


She’s been a favorite of mine since I first saw her on television back in the 1960s – my mom was a huge country music fan and Johnny was one of her two biggest favs – and this little lady with the big voice won the heart of a man who might’ve been rightly called a major badass in his day.

June grew up performing, being a member of the super-talented Carter Family, and her passion for Johnny was something the world smiled upon, despite circumstances, despite everything. It was that kind of right that few ever see or feel and I believe men and women alike still stand in awe of it knowing that it’s a rare gift from God bestowed on only a few lucky humans every generation.

Perfect romance character models.

Yes, I’ve often thought of Johnny and June as i write about true love and that kind of feeling a person can’t explain, can’t reason away, can’t offer up excuses for and sure as heck can’t stop. That’s how I see these two beautiful lovers and how this romantic fool will always see them.

For me.

Maybe it’s because I’m now closer in age to many of June’s photos from the 1970s and 1980s, but, I have only just recently noticed the uncanny resemblance between her and me. And she was 27 years older than me so she could literally have been my mom. My own mom is a great lady and I would never replace her with anyone —- unless it was June. I’m a family oriented woman so that’s saying a lot!

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  1. Cat says:

    I also love Johnny and June! And you do look like you could have been her daughter!


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