Page Of Wands

Page Of Wands Tarot Card, Meaning

When you see this card in a tarot reading, it’s the time when you should expect the people around you – and you yourself as well – to be very excited about current events.

Discussions full of positive energy and impulsive invitations are very possible. There is also a distinct possibility that you may hear news from a person or persons from afar and therefore you could hear from friends you have lost touch with and never dreamed would contact you at this time.

Pages in general, are full of youthful energy, so you may be connecting with the younger “you” that’s been locked away inside of you – aching to break free.

It could also be that you you may hear from younger persons, from about their teens to their twenties, and that your emphasis is more on activities that younger people would be attracted to, such as tailgating at football games or playing a sport yourself.

Wands are all about action and so whatever you do hear is probably going to trigger an event of some kind. Invitations sent out across country, or resumes you sent off and lost hope about, could well surprise you with fantastic responses.

Page Of Wands In Astrology  

Wands relate to Fire Signs in Astrology, and bring in confidence, action and a winning spirit.  The Page in particular is a student in his own right and has learned so much about how to inspire others and keep the motivation high in his circle.

This page can rally the troops like few can, and when he’s finished giving one of his spectacular “pep rally” kind of speeches, everyone around him will feel a fresh sense of purpose and a renewed belief in beating any odds.

Page Of Wands Messages 

  • Your energy level should be high today and you may find that you’ve a lot more spring in your step than you expected to have. Wands carry an impulsive, spontaneous kind of spirit with them, so how they affect you is usually fast and surprising.
  • Discussions should go very well for you and that will help you feel good about your current situation. That could trigger signing up for an endurance event, such as a marathon, with a friend or two – and you’ll want to start that training right away.
  • Whatever you talk about today is not just something idle or dreamy, and it’s not something you are going to want to research for long periods of time either. You’re interested in getting things done, and yes you will want to share that excitement with others, but you will also want to get moving and see some progress within a short time.
  • Remember that you should not be too quick to commit to anything that’s likely to cause problems for you, such as going on a hiking trip next month when you aren’t sure you can take time off from work or find a sitter for the kids.
  • Most of all enjoy this time of your life.  It’s all about feeling great about yourself and smiling ear to ear for no apparent reason. The Page Of Wands is a very happy fellow who loves to tell jokes and dispel any tension around him. This makes it perfect for socializing.
  • Take advantage of the almost endless possibilities in your life. You believe you really can make your dreams come true, whether they’re large or small, and you may find yourself spreading very contagious excietment!

Tarot readings are important to many of the characters in my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series, beginning with book #2, “Connie and Richard”.  

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