The Chariot

The Chariot, Major Arcana Card #VII, Meaning

This is surely the ultimate card of control, strength of will, determination and action. There will no doubt be a challenge in front of you that you must face, and actually need to find a win to defeat, so that you can move on to happier times.

How The Chariot Can Benefit Us

With this card we have little doubt as to what needs to be done. There’s a task in front of us that seems like it is pulling us in two very different directions and that the situation could spin out of control in a heartbeat.

What we are called upon to do when we see The Chariot card is to take up the reins in our own lives and take charge of the things and the people around us. This may require stepping on some toes and dealing with others giving us some resistance. That is to be expected when we are making radical changes and issuing a call for action – which is exactly what we need to do.


The Chariot is a bit of a complicated energy and can be misunderstood rather easily. Something in our lives is not right, and needs to be fought through in order to make it right. We’re challenged by circumstances and we may feel that we have to put forth an enormous effort to set things to rights. And that’s fine. When we see The Chariot we should have the stamina to see the job through.

Examples of what this can mean is a big work project that has two or more different sides to it and calls for us to wear different hats to complete it and be successful. We may have to be artist, financial expert, manager and worker bee all at once. Whatever is your particular case, you’ve got something in front of you that’s not going to be easy, but at the end of the day when you’ve got through it – you’ll feel like you’ve won a significant victory.

The Chariot Tarot Card And Astrology 

Many consider this card to represent the sign of Cancer, due to the strong message of control that comes with it.  However, I am not among them.  I have always associated The Chariot with the sign of Gemini for two big reasons:

First, there is a measure of duality in The Chariot’s energy that automatically brings me to think of Gemini and its symbol  – the twins.

Second, there is a spirit of movement and speed around The Chariot that also brings me to think of Gemini, which is an Air Sign and automatically relates to physical and/or mental movement, and, Gemini also rules the 3rd house which does bring in travel to the picture.

In addition to the two main reasons above, I have found The Chariot relates much more harmoniously to Gemini than Cancer, due to the underlying message that a difficult choice must be made, again pointing to Gemini and its twins.

Spiritual Messages

  • Don’t hesistate to dig in and get the wheels of your life rolling forward. You have a great need to take action and want to see results from all of your efforts.  Keep in mind that the number 7, assigned to The Chariot, also relates to going inside of ourselves and finding our personal stores of strength and fortitude.
  • There’s a good chance that you’ve been fighting a kind of battle for some time and that it is finally the time to step up and put an end to the conflict, whatever that may be, and put your life in forward gear.
  • Moving, either literally as in a change of residence, or putting a lot of physical effort into something, will prove very fortunate for you at present. Confidence and control are easy for you right now so make good use of that and take charge at every opportunity.

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