Arranged Marriages

Was totally acceptable.  

Having your parents, grandparents, or sometimes a professional matchmaker, arranging marriages for single men and women was pretty common in the mid 19th century. Even though many cultures around the world still believe in this practice, few in the United States today would ever think of such a thing.

However, this type of pairing was not quite as bad as it sounds. After all, if you were blessed with loving and kind parents then there would be no one more qualified to find you the right life mate. Of course, that was not always the case.

Disasters did happen.

And they do happen in my story at a future point I can give you that much right now. There are times when an arranged marriage was so badly botched, or done for all the wrong reasons, that the couple tying the knot scarcely consumated the union before running off to other places in the world – and would only come back in order to conceive the necessary child or two to insure the family name was continued.

Broken hearts did come into the picture as well. If a young woman had already fallen in love with a man and was ordered to give herself to another man in marriage, that spelled sorrow and loss for her, or, possibly, something far worse.

Why then?

Arranged marriages were excellent for the man or woman who was not inclined toward anyone in particular, and who was deeply cared for by parents and/or had a compassionate matchmaker. The prospective bride or groom would be consulted about their preferences, and what they would like to have in a spouse. From there candidates could be selected and interviewed by the parent to determine whether or not it was a good match.

Also, there were financial reasons for using a more rational approach to choosing a husband or wife. When families were among the wealthiest in the country, there would be large dowries and inheritances to be considered. And many an unsuspecting young woman or man fell prey to the golddiggers of the day who wanted nothing more but than to marry and get their hands on as much money as they could – often abandoning the marriage entirely and never being seen again once they did.

Happy endings.

Well, perhaps they can have a happy ending after all. Arranged marriages could easily be made with a person who just so happens to be Mr. or Ms. Right. And when it comes to romantic fiction – it’s all up to the author. That’s me. And I’m not saying for certain one way or the other just now.

Look for an update to book # 3 “Race Against Time” by the end of 2017!  In the meantime you can purchase my CounterClockwise Series and get into the story before then. 

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  1. chella says:

    Was just talking about this the other day. Arranged marriages are still done in many parts of the world and even here in the U.S. you can find it. Everyone in favor of it says that they work out. I know I didn’t do too well for myself so maybe I should sign up!


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