Six Of Wands

Six Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Victory is at hand! Whatever it is that you’ve been working toward, and fighting for in your life, is about to come to an end in a very positive way.

When we see the Six Of Wands in a Tarot reading it is an indication of not only a winning spirit present in our lives, but, also of the possibility of a celebration of some magnitude.

A warrior returning from what may have been years of battling the enemy, and being welcomed by all of the townsfolk by showering him with flowers and shouting out cheers, is the classic image of what the Six Of Wands means.

Corresponding to Fire Signs in Astrology, Tarot Wands always carry a very active kind of energy with them, and so it is likely that you may stop fighting after your victory, but, there will still be plenty of building for you to do.

Health And Wellness Messages

  • Visible evidence of how well you’ve been taking care of yourself should be seen today, and not just seen by you – others should be commenting on how terrific you look.
  • You yourself will very likely see and feel like jumping for joy about your health and fitness accomplishments. Your body has been through some changes, but they are excellent ones and you really do have reason to celebrate.
  • In addition to all of this, your confidence level should shoot through the roof. You have a great sense of what you can accomplish when you stay with your plan and keep your eyes on your goals. This kind of tenacity can be applied to any aspect of your life.

Spiritual Messages

  • Life is good from almost every angle. The chances you take right now are likely to pay off very well.
  • Accept praise with grace and dignity and don’t worry about looking vain, because you are not that at all. It’s healthy to allow others to congratulate you and it’s also healthy to congratulate yourself.
  • Make plans for a celebration, possibly a spontaneous trip, and keep the keep the good energy flowing by setting new goals for yourself and taking those first steps toward reaching them.
  • Now is the time to make merry with your friends, and yet, when the fun times are over, know that you do have your next target in your sights.

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