Eight Of Swords

Eight Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

This card is traditionally a warning about allowing a strong (and completely wrong) feeling of powerlessness rob you of opportunities to move ahead, or perhaps even away, depending on your situation,

In this blog post, I am  including the Eight Of Swords image from a Tarot deck I have used and loved – The Goddess Tarot.  (featured)

You’ll notice that the image shows a woman face down in the sand with eight swords standing around her. There is clearly enough space between them for her to escape, but since she is face down in the sand and doesn’t see that…..she remains trapped.

When you see this card in a reading, you may feel very much like the woman in The Goddess Tarot image.  But you should realize that it’s just a false sense of being unable to defeat something, and that in reality you can successfully get around any obstacles that may be in your way.

Number Eight And Astrology 

The number eight itself is an especially powerful one. It’s associated with the eighth house in Astrology, which is ruled by the super-power planet, Pluto.

In Astrology, the eighth house is all about the coming together of two things, two people, and sometimes, even two sets of circumstances. Making money from what spouse earns, or your business partner’s investments, are examples of the ways this kind of energy  can work.

An eight by nature is made up of two circles joined, and so that continues the idea of two separate things coming together.

In Tarot, you could say that the eight means two opposite ideas meeting in the middle, such as with the Eight Of Swords, when you have the I have the power/No I don’t have the power debate going on.  While it’s true that perhaps not every door in the world is open to you, there are likely some wide open you may have overlooked.

Number Eight In Numerology

Power is the key word here.  Think again of the 8th house in Astrology and its corresponding sign, Scorpio, and you’ll see that being the master of your life is tantamount to how comfortable you feel.

Eight as a numeral, brings a strong message of the word “forever”, as this number, when turned horizontally, transforms into an Infinity Symbol.  You can’t get much clearer than that.

What is the key to success when dealing with a number eight itself, is to remember that you have so much more personal power than you fully realize.  As a note here it’s good to remember that in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the Strength card is also a number eight.

Spiritual Meaning Of The Eight Of Swords

You are once again called upon to look at your life in a more realistic way. The Eight Of Swords is telling you that even though you may feel bound and tied and unable to move in the direction you’d like to move, that that is simply what you see on the outside and not the whole picture. Dig deeper into your circumstances and try to find ways to work around obstacles so that you can move toward your goals.

Also be aware that what you communicate to others may not go as planned. Emails and text messages may not arrive, arrive late or be missed altogether. If someone hasn’t responded, or if you’ve sent out an important letter, follow-up on why you have not received a reply. There may be something simple that’s preventing them from contacting you.

Adopt a “I can do it” attitude and keep your eyes on whatever brass ring you’d like to grab hold of in life!

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