The Woman He Loves Is In Another Man’s Bed

It’s been said before.

Women do have a limited amount of patience. Sometimes that limit is pretty high and it can take years before it finally runs out, but there will come that time when it hits bottom.

And that’s when the man who hasn’t seen the forest for the trees will suddenly have this “AHA!” moment and feel like that proverbial ton of bricks hits him on the head. Sigh. It’s a sad moment – mostly because it didn’t have to come to this point. But, alas, this is the stuff life is made of and therefore a good romance story has to add sorrow and loss to the mix or it will lose touch with reality.

How his woman ends up in another man’s bed.

She got tired of waiting. Simply put. And when she did reach the end of that rope she began noticing that another man was quite interested in her; and it no longer mattered that it was not a grand passion.

But it was there. It was real. And when that other gentleman reached his hand out to her – she reached back.

Pacing the floor until dawn.

That’s what at least one of our heroes ends up doing. The agony swirling around in his head won’t allow him any rest.

Instead, he sits, holding a dark watch over the night, fighting back the tears he knows will eventually come.

We love him, as all readers love the heroes, and yet we know that he’s only reaping what he’s sown. And that his bitter watches will likely go on for many years to come. Perhaps for the rest of his life.

Imagining her and the other guy.

Oh yes, our hero can picture his woman in another man’s bed and all that goes with that idea. The passion and fire that should have been his, should’ve been his alone, is now being given to another.

This time the hero beats himself up over what has happened. He goes over the details of what he said, what he did, and even more importantly what he did not say and what he did not do – until he thinks he’ll run mad in the streets.

He’s driven his lady away without just cause and he knows it. He’s been mean, selfish and cruel. It’s no wonder to him that his woman found comfort elsewhere. Took a love that is not as deep, but is comfortable and secure.

How he manages from here.

The story goes on of course, and I will tell all of you here and now that there are no suicides in CounterClockwise, in present volumes or in the future, so this hero limps through life from this day forward.

But it’s a wound that does not heal. In fact it opens up over and over again and bleeds as if it had just been inflicted. It stabs at him and feels as though it will cut in him two.

So does our wounded hero ever find his lady again? And if he does will she still want him?

Good questions! They will be answered one by one as my CounterClockwise series continues!

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