Bullheaded Men And Scheming Women

My newest characters include both of these types.

Let me first begin by updating my progress toward finishing the CounterClockwise Book #3 “Race Against Time”, which now looks like it will be updated by the end of 2017. Sorry to all who have been waiting for the revised edition! I’ve been busy with other matters, work and personal, and my time has been too limited to commit to an earlier deadline.

Rest assured that the series will continue in a very big way with bold, brash and brazen new characters strutting forward and causing all kinds of problems with the existing leads. I’ll go on to give you more about them –

Bullheaded men.

There are already men in CounterClockwise who come under this heading, and to them I’ll also be introducing Tracy Douglas Allen who will take his place among them. It’s possible that before he’s through Mr. Allen will rank at the top of that list!

Tracy is a man who is a Southerner to the bone, openly proud of his heritage, his many talents, and of course, his victories with the ladies. There have been many, many of those, too many to start counting, and he’s quite sure of himself when it comes to getting what he wants from the opposite sex.

No stranger to poverty or to struggle, Tracy climbs his way up the social ladder by singing on stage, and increases his wealth by using his unfailing skill cheating at poker. Taught by his uncle as a boy, Tracy easily wins as much and as often as he wants – oftentimes leaving the table with as much money as he earns in a single year as an entertainer.

But our Mr. Allen has a few secrets and a few skeletons in his closet that he hides so well he begins to forget that they exist – possibly a fatal error for him.

Scheming women.

Both my two new female characters – Victoria Lee Anglo and Mary Prattle – are expert schemers. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Victoria Lee Anglo, or Victoria L.A. as she signs her name, was born and raised in a small town on the east coast of Canada and moved to New York State when she married a man who lived there. Married life was difficult for Victoria, she preferred more excitement in her life,  and certainly more variety in her bed than just one man day after day.

Victoria’s husband had a better than average amount of wealth, which was what attracted her to him in the first place, and for her the scheming began right away. She wanted to be rid of the man and keep his money all to herself, and so she convinced him to write a will that bequeathed all of his worldly posessions to her – leaving out his three adult sons.

But Victoria’s plan didn’t go very well. She wasn’t the smartest of women, though she put up a good front, and she never once considered that her husband might eventually realize what she was doing. Which was? Gradually poisoning him to the point that he was in a great deal of pain and could barely leave his bed.

However, Victoria hadn’t considered that her husband’s doctor would also be suspicious and so order one of the servants to search the house for “unusual bottles, boxes or jars” that had never been seen before. Lo and behold, Victoria’s bottle of poison did turn up.

Before his death, Victoria’s husband changed his will once again, upon his doctor’s advice, leaving every penny he had to this three sons – and nothing but a coach ticket back to Toronto to Victoria.

And so Victoria’s story continues as she is at the point of lying, cheating, and even bribing to get the money she needed to continue pretending to be the wealthy widow.

Mary Prattle, or Midway Mary as she is nicknamed, who is an entirely different character. Raised by parents who were so poor they both died from malnutrition, grew up a thief, a prostitute, and took to fencing stolen goods from time to time. Mary had a long list of criminal friends and an even longer list of crimes she committed.

In my story, Mary is at a point of also putting up a front for herself, and went so far as to use the surname Prattle, instead of her family name of Miller, so that her prison record would not come back to haunt her.

Mary earned her nickname by assuming the identity of a gypsy, dressing the part to the letter, and following the carnivals, fairs and freak shows of the day, walking among the crowds on the midways, offering psychic readings.

Having learned how to read oracle cards while incarcerated, Mary was fairly accurate and good enough to charge a dime for her readings. But that wasn’t all she wanted by a long shot. The readings gave Mary a good chance to size up her patrons, especially the male ones, and she’d send out signals that she was available “later that evening” to those she felt might be happy to hear it, charging them quite a bit more than a dime for her services.

Unfortunately for both Mary and Victoria, they cross paths with Tracy Douglas Allen and end up on the receiving end of his wrath. Not every villain or enemy survives book # 3 is all I’ll say for now. Sigh.  



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