Woman On The Warpath

Look out!

Women take a lot of crap. No doubt. It starts in childhood. They take it from other kids, from nagging older siblings, even from their parents. Girls, especially the ones who (at least early on) are shy and sweet, become targets for others who want to tell them what to do and push them aside in order to keep them in the background.

Sound like an exaggeration? If you’re a woman who lived through this you may not think so, but, the silver lining here is that the ones who start out as little doormats many times end up becoming a tower of strength that never, ever, accepts defeat.

So it goes in CounterClockwise.

Quite a few of my female characters have faced difficulty of many kinds. Some of it comes from miserable childhood experiences; others find that the misery comes to them as adults. And they all – for better or worse – reach the point of not allowing a man to act whatever way he wants without returning the favor. No, sir. Not them.

When a man acts without thought.

Especially without thought to the woman he’s supposed to care about – it’s a recipe for disaster. And it’s hard to feel sorry for this poor sap even though he ends up crying in his beer sooner or later, which we all saw coming from miles away.

It’s so easy to please a woman, really. Love her. Compliment her on the little things. Listen to her. Encourage her. Are those things so hard for some men to do? Or are they truly just plain stupid?

Nothing is more fearsome than a woman on the warpath.

Uh-oh. Now he did it. Ladies will act and speak like anything but when they are angered and when they are clearly in the right. This is bad, gentlemen, is all I can tell you!

My characters go round and round at times, in what can literally become fatal tailspin for some, and they don’t stop until hearts break and hopes are shattered. Romance novels can be anything but romantic and the protaganists can go through hell before they ever begin to see daylight.

In book #3 “Race Against Time” three of my female characters, Connie, Cynthia and Nora, all end up waging war on the men they love – or once loved at any rate.

How to resolve this enormous problem.

The solution lies in how the man feels about the lady. He’s got to value her enough to make significant changes, reach out to her and stop all the blasted hide-and-seek kind of games.

These three powerful women are done with Kindergarden antics and want a man who is strong, gentle and has his head on straight. Too much to ask? Perhaps it is and perhaps it is not. You’ll have to read the third volume in my CounterClockwise series to find out!

Many thanks.

I’m so grateful to all of you who have shown me support! This series is still in the works, and its popularity is growing but of course it’s surely not a big hit as yet. However, I’m proud of my accomplishment and love the kind praise I receive every day!

Things are heating up and will reach a boiling point in future volumes – start reading the series to be prepared for them!


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  1. True enough. Your characters are women I like and can relate to even though it’s a historical novel. You are so into this story it comes out in everything you write. I’m looking forward to the reading the rest of this series. It would make a fantastic TV or big screen movie.


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