Beware The King Of Cups

About the tarot suit of cups.

In general, cups relate to water signs in astrology, and that means they relate to emotions, intuition, spirituality, dreams and past-life experiences. Included with this comes the deepest hopes, wishes and fears present in all of us.

To better explain this, the suit of cups, in particular, should be divided into two categories: the light and the dark. In this article I’ll go into how this applies to the king in that suit.

Light side of The King Of Cups.

Love is all to this man. He’s got his head on straight when it comes to what’s truly meaningful to him and he’s also got a firm hand on his emotions and never runs to excesses.

This is a man with a kind, loving heart that’s trustworthy and loyal, and he’s the sort of guy who would give up his life for those he loves without hesitation.

He’s got a strong artistic side and has a poet’s soul deep within. With this king, he’s not afraid to show his vulnerability and expresses his feeiings freely. That comes in the form of words, music, poetry or simply spoiling the heck out of the lady in his life.

Being slow to anger, The King Of Cups listens to his love interest without judgement and without being critical. His words are comforting, soft and he naturally senses the right things to say.

More than likely he’s blond or has light brown hair with light eyes. He loves good food and wine but here too he doesn’t go overboard and keeps his body in good shape.

Next we have the reasons to beware The King Of Cups.

As amazingly wonderful as this king can be, his dark side can be so strong that it completely eclipses the lighter aspects of his nature.

Cups, like water signs in astrology, come with a list of powerful negatives. The planets Neptune, Pluto and The Moon are all present here and each one of them brings frightening aspects.

Deception, addiction, paranoia, obsession and narcissm are among them. On the negative side of the list, The King Of Cups can be one nasty individual. Totally self-absorbed, abusive and lacking in moral fiber.

He lives life as one big party that gives him what he wants and when he wants it. This is done without regard to the feelings of others as he is addicted to pleasure of all kinds and uses people as if they were things.

The cups bring with them a person’s hidden past that can include time spent in prisons and/or mental institutions.

Appearance-wise, the dark King Of Cups also comes with light hair and eyes, but, he lives a hard life filled with self-abuse and it shows early on, making him appear years older.

In short, this is probably not the kind of man a woman wants to meet, however, given his talent for deception, she won’t know it until much, much later – if at all.

Tarot readings become part of my CounterClockwise series beginning with book #2 “Connie and Richard”.

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