Interview With Hector Arroya

Interview Subject: Hector Arroya, support character, wealthy Mexican landowner.

AUTHOR: Welcome, Senor Arroya, and thank you for coming here today!

HA: (smiling) You are most welcome, Senora.

AUTHOR: Is it all right to call you Hector? (he nods most graciously) Thank you. Tell us then, Hector, about yourself and your family.

HA: My name is Hector Juan Carlos Arroya. I was born in San Miquel, Mexico. My parents, Jorge and Isabella, both died when I was very young. My grandfather, Julio Arroya, rasied me. He is also now in Heaven.

AUTHOR: Tell us about San Miguel.

HA: (smiling broadly) Imagine the most perfect place on Earth and you will see San Miguel! We are all ranchers there – horses are our business and our passion – and hold many thousands of acres of land. The village is exquisite and there is none finer in all of Mexico. Money is plentiful and we take a lot of pride in the level of quality we display.

AUTHOR: San Miquel is close to La Fuente?

HA: Yes. A short ride.

AUTHOR: Did you know the Bernatos?

HA: Si! I grew up riding my horse to the Ranchero Bernato every week. Sometimes more often. Senor an Senora Bernato were like family to me. I love them very much.

AUTHOR: And their daughter? Conception? Do you love her as well?

HA: (his bright hazel eyes looked even brighter) Yes. Especially Conception. She is a precious jewel.

AUTHOR: Tell me, Hector, why did you not marry her before she had the chance to marry another?

HA: I tried! Many times! Each time I asked Connie to marry me she said she was too young! Even her father could not persuade her!

AUTHOR: So, what happened? Why did she marry Richard Merriton?

HA: (looking down in disgust and shaking his head) The American! He’s a dog! A thief!

AUTHOR: He stole Connie away?

HA: Yes!! And before I could stop her the bands were announced and Connie was married and in that man’s bed!

AUTHOR: That must’ve been terrible for you.

HA: No one knows! I was stabbed through the heart. It has never healed.

AUTHOR: Hector, how did you feel when you got the letter from Connie so many years later?

HA: (smiling once again) Like the Hand Of God had reached down from Heaven and blessed me! I could not believe my eyes! I read that letter ten times a day until my beloved arrived!

AUTHOR: She’s a lucky woman to have so much love given to her. And what about now? She’s in Mexico again. Do you think she’ll stay?

HA: I feel very sure that Connie will stay in Mexico. That’s her country. Her heritage. And her heart is there.

AUTHOR: And her heart is with you as well?

HA: Si. It always has been. But she was afraid to show it. Very shy and innocent. She was young when she married that American. For me, she would not have been too young. I would have cherished her. But for that dog? She was a sweet angel of a girl. Untouched by man! A devil such as he did not deserve her!

AUTHOR: Wow! You certainly show no love for Richard Merriton!

HA: No! The American would never be a friend to me. Not ever!

AUTHOR: At the end of book #2, something terrible happens in Mexico. What do you know about it?

HA: (he hesitated for a moment) I heard about the girl, Connie’s child, being taken away from the Ranchero Bernato against her will. My beloved is of course beside herself. And she will lean on me for help.

AUTHOR: Without revealing what happens in book #3 Hector, how much help will you give Connie?

HA: I will move Heaven and Earth to find the child and return her to my beloved!

AUTHOR: And that will drive Connie away from her husband and into your arms?

HA: Yes, Senora. I believe that it will.

AUTHOR: And what of Richard? What do you think will happen if he comes to Mexico to get his wife and daughter?

HA: (he glanced out the window for a moment, thinking) He may indeed come to Mexico. He may indeed want his wife and his daughter. But he will not have them. Never again!

AUTHOR: Hector, I’d like to ask you a question. It’s something you may answer or not answer. It’s up to you. (he nodded politely) Did you have anything to do with Margarita’s abduction?

HA: What you ask me is very serious. Some men would take offense to such a question.

AUTHOR: I’m sorry. There are parts in the story that could point to your involvement in the kidnapping……

HA: (he put up his hand to silence me) I do understand. And I can answer this for you. And for your readers.


HA: There are rules a man must never break. Even now, in your modern times Senora, a man must not cross certain lines.

AUTHOR: So – you’re saying that you would not conspire to kidnap a young girl because you are a man of honor?

HA: That is precisely what I’m saying.

AUTHOR: Then, how will you help Connie if you know nothing of how her daughter was taken?

HA: (taking a cigar out of his inside jacket pocket) May I? (I nodded my approval) You see, Senora, as I said there are lines an honorable man would never cross. However, that does not mean he is ignorant of those who do cross those lines. Do you take my meaning?

AUTHOR: I believe so. (handing him an ashtray) So you are not personally part of the kidnapping, but, you have knowledge of those who were. Is that right?

HA: (put his head back to blow out smoke) Si.

AUTHOR: And you have the power to fight them, Hector? These dishonorable men?

HA: Senora, I am a man of considerable power. And those who have hurt my beloved will pay dearly. They will be squashed like bugs. Mark my words.

AUTHOR: Hector Arroya, I believe you! Thank you for doing this interview. I know what a busy man you are.

HA: It was my pleasure. (smiling)

AUTHOR: We all look forward to reading about how you will help Connie and Margarita, and what you’ll do about Richard, in Book #3!

This interview is with a fictional character from CounterClockwise: A Blast From The Past Love Story.  To learn more about Hector and all my other characters in this series, click on the book image above.  

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