The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot Card  Overall Meaning

I always take this card literally in a reading, so The Lovers relates to a very important, serious romantic relationship that’s alive and well – and seeing this card predicts that it may stay well far into the future.

Traditionally, The Lovers does also relate to a possible love triangle. Staying with that  meaning, The Lovers can point to a decision between two men or women in your life.

However, I find that this is usually not the case and so for me I go with my gut instinct and keep with the card meaning that a forever type of decision has already been made and that The Lovers instead indicates an especially happy outcome of that decision.

The Lovers in numerology. 

Assigned the number six in the Major Arcana, The Lovers brings balance into romantic relationships and so you and your special someone are both in agreement about the future.

Sixes also indicate that there have been shifts and adjustments made to your way of thinking and acting and so you have come to the point of making internal changes that allow for positive forward movement.  You and your SO are like two peas in a pod.  Nice.

The Lovers in astrology. 

I also have my own opinion about the realtionship of The Lovers to astrological signs, and that does differ from what you might call “tradition” in the tarot.  That tradition, if there is such a thing for the tarot, connects The Lovers  with Gemini, and the corresponding symbol, The Twins – again pointing to a decision between two people in your love life, or possibly juggling two love affairs with or without success.

Instead of Gemini though, I feel The Lovers is much better aligned with the sign of Libra. The symbol for Libra is a scale of justice, which is perfect to my mind for The Lovers, as it points to harmony and fairness. Also, Libra  is a Cardinal sign, which is very powerful, and gives an indication that a positive, fresh start is in your life. Furthermore, Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, unlike Gemini which is ruled by Mercury that covers communication, and so there is another reason to pair The Lovers with Libra.

In my CounterClockwise series, book #2 “Connie and Richard”, brings the tarot to the story and my characters continue to consult the cards, as well as use other divination tools, from then forward.

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