King Of Swords Fights For You Or Against You

He uses his head first.

Even though he’s a helluva good fighter, The King Of Swords prefers arbitration over aggression. He wants to discuss the matter at length, point to the logic in his thinking, and reach a sensible, fair agreement.

Well read and mentally sharp, this king comes with much the same attributes as a male air sign, astrologically speaking. He’s got so much determination, and so much education behind him, that his victory begins even before he suits up for battle.

But there’s an achilles heel on The King Of Swords, as with all of the kings, and he can be so driven to find intelligence in a situation that he compeltely misses the emotional factors involved.

On your side, this king is the kind of ally you can depend on to be tireless in his ability to come up with new ideas and overcome obstacles. On the other side, however, this is one man you simply don’t want to come up against as he can and will be as brutal as they come.

When he fights for you.

This is an amazing thing when it happens. Having your own personal Knight in Shining Armor is what this man quickly becomes. It’s a thrill to witness him work though the puzzle of any problem life throws at you and come out on top.

He reaches Master Level in his chosen field, often making such a name for himself that he’s referred to in the most reverent terms.

Your King Of Swords may seem to be more cerebral than physical and is oftentimes mistakenly assumed to be without passion. To the contrary, this king sees the logic in giving and receiving love in all it’s beautiful forms and prides himself at being a man who knows how to please a woman.

His attention may sometimes stray to others, however, in his best form The King Of Swords will act in an upright and just manner and never actually be unfaithful.

Money comes to this man by way of his skillful work and his innovative approaches. Not an artist by nature, The King Of Swords can still be as creative as he needs to be in order to climb the ladder of success.

Of all the kings, this is the one who will never, ever, forget an anniversary, birthday or even the smallest details that are important to his lady. He pays attention and doesn’t miss an opportunity to surprise his love interest with the gifts that truly touch her heart.

Dark haired and dark-eyed, The King Of Swords maintains a lean psychique, is often very tall, and has a way of smiling that dazzles the entire world.

When he fights against you.

Run for cover. That’s about all you can do. For not only does The King Of Swords in a challenging aspect pack the equivalent of a Scottish Broadsword in the way of verbalizing his arguments, he also has a long list of reasons why he is in the right.

In his darker version, The King Of Swords doesn’t need to worry about getting overly emotional. He has the ability to take all the emotions out of a issue to the degree of being as completely stark as a human being can get.

Something of a Vulcan in his approach, the razor sharpness of this king’s words leaves wounds that never heal, and in fact break open over and over again. No, he’s not one to cross.

But unfortunately, a person doesn’t need to actually do anything to warrant the dark king’s attacks. If you so happen to be in his way, or present an obstacle to something The King Of Swords wants, you automatically become prey and Lord help you from there. This king can be dangerous in the way of physical attackes as well, if he feels threatened.

Women in general mean nothing to him, except that they are useful for satisfying his manly needs, and will only consider a lasting relationship with a woman who is first intellectually stimulating, and second who brings money or the right business connections to the table.

He is obsessed with fitness and pushes himself to physical extremes – thus balancing his powerful mind with an equally powerfully body. While his features may be chiseled, his good looks are obscured by his austere manner.

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