Her Husband Is Still Alive!

Saying that is not really a spoiler.  

No, not at all.  This info is okay to give out as more of a teaser than a spoiler.  You still need to read my books, and my future volumes as well as the current ones, in order to get the full magnitude of what this really means.

To any of you who have read my work, it’s pretty plain that I’m speaking about Nora Wells, the beautiful and mysterious “widow’ in my series, who captivates one Tracy Douglas Allen, and goes on to do a kind of love-hate dance with him for some time.

What happened to him anyway.  

Nora’s husband, Richard Wells, was reported missing after a mining accident in Pennsylvania.  He owned the mine and was there with his managers considering whether or not further demolition was necessary, when a sudden spark ignited a fire that caught on rapidly and ended in a big bang and a large black plume.  Ashes and dirt rained down on the entire property, and the only witnesses to the event saw it from about a mile or so away.

Back in the 1830s, just before my story began, not only was communication slow and unreliable, but adding to it that there were no first-eye accounts made mistakes easy to happen.  Assuming that everyone was dead or “missing presumed dead” was the logical jump.

He shows up years later.  

Richard Wells, multi-millionaire and daredevil, had managed to leap into a freshly dug hole near where he was standing just after the fire started.  By the time a full-blown explosion occurred, Richard was already hunkered down, in a relatively safe position.  When the debris piled on top of him, he knew he needed to dig further into the soft earth to save himself, further knowing that he would have to hope and pray that he could dig his way out before the air supply ran out.

Managing to free himself, Richard was found wandering by a local farmer, some four or five miles from the mine.  He had suffered a head wound and multiple other body wounds, and he had lost a lot of blood.  Unconscious for days, Richard regained consciousness only to find himself blind with no memory of who he was.

The kindly farmers, Arthur and Millie McIvor, took Richard in to their home, and gave him odd jobs to do around the farm to earn his keep.  They made many inquiries about him, and even paid for an expensive newspaper ad trying desperately to find out who this stranger really was, but it was all to no avail.


It took years before Richard was able to function normally,  but he still had no memory of his past.  One day, while he was in a small Pennsylvania town getting supplies for the McIvors, a man approached him, telling him that he was his old college chum.

Both terrified and relieved,  Richard listened with  interest to what the man told him, and started making inquiries as to what happened to his estate – and his wife.

From there.  

One day, Nora Wells gets a telegram from a lawyer who tells her that her credit line has been cut off, and that she should expect a visit from a man who would explain why.  Frantic, Nora takes what is left of her money and hires a Pinkerton, as they became called after the man who founded their private security agency, to find out what was really happening.

Read more about Nora and the incredible life she lived in my series…..

Believe in your dreams. They may tell you who you REALLY are……



11 Comments Add yours

  1. cheryl says:

    Nice twist!


  2. Lucille says:

    Yeow! The plot thickens!


  3. Lucille says:

    Damn he’s hot! She’ll be happy!


  4. Jill says:

    What a hottie! Nora has great taste!


  5. Ginny says:

    You’re amazing, hon…..just when we think we know the story you throw us a curve!


  6. jocelyn says:

    I love this change! I don’t know about that Tracy guy. He’s got issues.


  7. Christina says:

    Jeez…..I did not see this coming at all. THANK YOU!


  8. Cat says:

    Nancy, I love your work. This really would make a wonderful TV series or a movie.


  9. Tina says:



  10. FirstMyrtle says:

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