A Black Magic Woman

Midway Mary Is Up To No Good 

Mary’s main goal in life is to increase her fortune and at the same time cause as much trouble as she possibly can.

She misrepresents herself right and left and often cries foul when a man tries to extract from her the services for which he paid.  In other words she’s an Old World prostitute who doesn’t always want to get into bed with the man and the guy usually gets awfully mad.

In addition to making enemies wherever she goes, Mary Prattle or Midway Mary as she’s nicknamed, attempts to frighten people out of their money by claiming to be a Mistress Of The Dark Arts, and in fact in league with The Devil.

Of course none of what Mary says is worth a grain of salt but that doesn’t mean she isn’t one scary lady.  Because she is that.

Mary Says She’s A Black Magic Woman   

And that in itself makes her widely unpopular.  But, on the other hand, it increases her notoriety.

In fact, claiming to be a black magic woman gives her something else to charge her customers for – in the way of putting evil spells on their enemies – and of course she’s long gone to the next carnival, the next fair, the next exhibition, before anyone figures out that she’s just a con artist.

How Mary Impacts CounterClockwise 

Midway Mary gives fake Oracle Card readings to many people, uses a Crystal Ball for her own selfish purposes, and lays claim to being the descendent of a long line of Gypsy Queens who could do anything up to and possibly including make the Sun come out in a rainstorm.  She had quite a line to toss out there, and too many people with gold coins in their pockets took the bait.

One of those unfortunate souls decided to track Mary down and get his money back.  This was no easy task as Mary Prattle usually lied about where she was headed, and had no friends or family for anyone to question.

During the process of finding Mary, our misguided hero finds another woman who turns out to be even more dangerous – though she does not appear to be so at first.

Midway Mary, and other colorful supporting characters, are to be found in my Counterclockwise Paranormal Romance Series.  

6 Comments Add yours

  1. She is shaping up to be a woman who uses sex and lies to get what she wants. Love her LOL what great nasty character!


  2. chella says:

    ONE OF MY FAVS!!!! Whew….she’s a bad one!!!


  3. Kelly-J says:

    It’s soooooo good to read about a woman who fucks over on men. Just sayin’

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nina says:

    YES YES YES!!!


  5. cheryl says:

    Ha! She’s full of bs and that’s a sure win for any bad-girl!!


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