True Love Lives Forever


True love lives forever and ever.  

For certain.  And that is just what happens in CounterClockwise, affecting the story from the first book in the series. Many people around the world agree that love is something that never stops – even after a person passes away.

If you’re a Christian and know your Bible, you’ll remember that it was St. John who said “God is love.” He is that. And God can never die so love is also immortal.

Connie and Richard.

In my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series Book # 2, “Connie and Richard”, you’ll come to learn so much more about both of these people. The way they thought, the way they lived and how much they loved each other – despite all the challenges they both faced.  

You could call them the parents of the CounterClockwise series itself, as it is they who fell in love, married and had Margarita, and she goes on to live a life that is so full and rich and passionate that it’s only logical that she was given all the beautiful qualities she possessed from her parents.

Fighting their demons.

A big YES.  Connie and Richard must each get into a battle with the darker side of human nature, and that could come from within themselves or exist in others around them. Perhaps both – you’ll need to read book # 2 in order to find out.

Love is sometimes a double-edged sword and we can be equally jealous and loving about our special someone, and so in order for the relationship to stay strong the battle against those demons needs to be something you want to do. And of course, my characters have to come face to face with that decision.

You never don’t forget The One because true love lives forever. 

Even if it’s been years, decades, or more than a century and a half. Love lives forever. The memory of that love lives forever as well.

Also….Just FYI 1 John 4:8 is the Bible reference above.

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  1. chella says:

    Nothing beats a hot couple in a romance novel! Your ladies are so like you, Nancy! Whether you realize it or not. Probably not!


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