Victoria Lee Anglo

Second of three new characters.

In Book # 3, “Race Against Time” I bring in three additional characters who have an impact on the central story and the lead players themselves.

Victoria Lee Anglo, hails from Canada and lived in upstate New York for many years, until her husband passed away under the most suspicious of circumstances. Victoria was never formally charged with his murder, but the rumors were everywhere that it was her hand and not her husband’s heart condition that caused his demise.

Who is Victoria Lee Anglo?

She’s a quirky woman overall, who smiles broadly and laughs way too loud. Has a head of blonde hair that everyone can see is not her natural color, but manners of the day prevented anyone from telling her how brassy and downright fake it looked, and has her mind set on getting married again. To a rich man. Any rich man.

Mainly Victoria thinks very highly of herself. She can ride a horse very well, drives her own buggy, and can aim straight with a gun. These are accomplishments she loves to brag about over and over.

Signing her name “Victoria L.A.” she struts around like a peacock – even though she doesn’t have the beauty or the figure to do so – and she’s created an image for herself in the hopes of attractig men of means.

For most people, especially the men, this is not anything they take too seriously. Her golddigger ambitions are so transparent that even at a time when marriages were arranged to secure fortunes, people are disgusted by her making such an obvious play for any wealthy man within a mile around.

She does find one.

There is a man who Victoria manages to catch in her spider web and hopes to devour him and his fortune in short order. Unfortunately for her, he’s married to someone else, although that wife lives in a separate house in another state. That separation gives Victoria the opportunity she has been longing for for all of her life and she immediately makes a huge play for this man.

Being a woman past 40, but who lies about her age as well as everything else about her, Victoria is no stranger to seduction and bribes the manager of an exclusive private bath house to allow her access to the men’s bathing rooms on a day when she knows her target will be there.

Sneaking in quietly behind him, Victoria picks up a sponge and gives this man one heckuva bath – and of course much more than that happens. This begins an alliance that will result in a huge scandal before it’s over and not only will it end up hurting others emotoinally – there will be at least one dead body left on the floor.

Who is the man? Who will die? Ahhhh… get that answer you must read book #3 – which is published and slated for an update by the end of 2017.

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  1. A bitch is still a bitch. No matter what century she lived in!


  2. Christina says:

    This character is a pisser! Can’t wait to read more about what she does!!!


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