The Tower

The Tower Tarot Card  #XVI Meaning

The classic meaning of this card is that of a sudden strike or big event that affects something important in your life.

Many times this comes in the form of communication that comes out of the blue and has enough weight to make large-scale changes to the world as you know it.

Astrology And Numerology

In Astrology, The Tower Tarot Card corresponds to the planet Uranus – which is all about revolution, upheaval, and the enormous changes that go with both.  Additionally, Uranus brings in our biggest hopes and wishes (part of the 11th House that it rules) and when it comes to The Tower, that can mean that these radical changes pave the way for us to achieve something that could make us happier than ever.

The Tower’s number, XVI, or 16, that can broken down to the single number 7 (1+6), which relates to our inner voice of confidence, our belief system, and what means the most to us on a very personal level, is also significant. Sevens in a reading can mean that we need to bare our soul – at least to ourselves – like never before, and that we are far more capable than we may have ever believed.

Spiritual Message

“Be prepared.” Don’t let your guard down when it comes to important matters in your life, especially with regard to getting a response from someone else.  The answer we get from a significant other, as an example, will likely be very different from what we believed it would be,  Sudden marriage proposals or break-ups are likely.

As a note – when The Tower happen in our love life, it does not necessarily mean that there’s nothing more in the relationship afterword.  More to the point it means that what was once thought to be rock solid has been torn down, and now that there’s a cleared lot, so to speak, for a new building (or kind of relationship) to be constructed, we could well see more stability in the future.

At the end of the day, it’s all up to you – and the tarot only hints at what could happen if you stay on the present course and do nothing to bring about change.

In my paranormal romance series “CounterClockwise” tarot readings become part of the story beginning with book #2.

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