Being Mean Is Just A Smokescreen

Fact Check.

Sometimes people put up a front to make others believe the opposite of what is true. We all do it at some point in life. And, it’s especially common for men and women alike to put up a smokescreen when it comes to matters of the heart.

If we do a little bit of fact-checking about what our lovers have to say all that huffing and puffing just doesn’t hold water. Here’s how it works….

She loves him.

Like plucking the petals off a daisy, our heroes go through a she-loves-me-she-loves-me-not kind of problem throughout the entire series. Of course I have to keep it in the story. It adds to the suspense.

Our heroines all have this one thing in common – they change their minds often. Not their hearts. Their minds. There is a huge difference.

She knows she loves him and that’s not the point. What is the point is how things are going. She wants a ring. He wants to whistle a merry tune. Why can’t they have both?

Her loves her.

While he’s whistling that tune he is also putting up a smokescreen. The happy-go-lucky kind of guy who doesn’t ever really fall in love. No! Not him!

She does see through that but, well, you know, there’s that ring issue she’s got going, and at times the whole ring-thing blinds her to what’s always there in her heart. And what she knows is in his heart for that matter.

It’s not for romance novels. 

It happens in real-life situations as well. Naturally. Romance novelists must pull from what they witness and experience when they write so it goes that even the most outrageous drama may have really happened to some poor soul who walked this Earth.

And my characters go through trials and tribulations aplenty before they finally reach that pot of gold at the end of the lover’s rainbow.

Now, if they just somehow put that ring and the whistling together things will work out just fine. Ain’t love grand?

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  1. chella says:

    Absolutely! When we were 10 we’d kick the boy we liked in the shins!! True love hurts!!


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