Six Of Pentacles

Six Of Pentacles Meaning

Good fortune is coming to you in the way of gifts and generosity of all kinds from others. With the Six Of Pentacles at work in your life it is a time to enjoy the good things that you surely deserve based on past acts.

Traditionally the Six Of Pentacles brings actual gifts, money – especially money that repays a loan – and also gifts of time that someone is repaying to you as well. For example if you took care of a friend’s pets while they were away on many occassions, then you may receive something from them in the way of time spent helping you with a home project or some other work you are doing.

Number Six In Tarot

When we see a number that’s a multiple of three, which relates to communication, there is a good chance that messages of all kinds relating to the card’s meaning will come your way.

In Tarot decks themselves the number six means adjustments of different kinds in your life. Usually this means action is going to take place that brings about a new set of circumstances. Not endings or upheavels at all, but instead shifts that alter the way you live, or where you live, who you are involved with, or, in the case of Pentacles, changes in your financial position or in your material posessions.

Number Six In Astrology

The sixth house in astrology relates to your daily work habits and your health. It is naturally ruled by the planet Mercury, the ruling planet of communication, and corresponds beautifully with the Six of Pentacles as the six is a multiple of three and has its own association with communication, as I mentioned above.

Astrology’s xixth house as a focus point also means that the way you receive this gift is very likely to have to do with your work, including any projects you may be working on at home, and regular, day to day happenings.

Spiritual Meaning

You should receive at least one message that brings news of an upturn in finances, property values, work situation or other material items.

Your daily chores are about to become lighter and/or work that you’ve seen piling up in front of you at the office will either be re-distributed amongst you and others, or, a kind person will step in and give you a hand.

The Six Of Pentacles carries forward the energy from yesterday’s card, the Ace Of Pentacles, which heralds the start of new business and work projects. It’s important to remember that you need to stay on course and remain diligent about your work. You’re on the right track with regard to material concerns so be sure to keep up the high standards you’ve set for yourself.

Tarot readings become a part of my CounterClockwise series beginning with book #2, “Connie and Richard”.  

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