Magical Maria

Hello everyone!

This week I am going to continue writing about Maria.  Let’s explore her magical side…..I like this…..


One Look Was All It Took

From when she was a child, Margarita Maria Merriton (Maria as she is called) could communicate her pleasure or displeasure with a single, penetrating, look.  Sometimes it was  as if the Sun itself came out.  Others, it was as if the Sun had never existed at all.

She knew she was different.  The other children would make fun of her.  Shun her.  A few of them had pushed her and thrown handfuls of mud at her.  But they learned to stop that when they discovered Maria would get even with them.  Put bugs in their lunch basket at times, or pour a bucket of water over their head when they weren’t looking.  Yes, Maria could give as well as she got.

And then, as age and maturity set in, Maria found that her eyes were more powerful than any pranks she could ever play.  She could stare any child down, bringing some to tears, if they dared to show meanness toward her.

When Maria reached her teens all of this changed.  Her beauty came into bloom by 13, and she transformed from that skinny girl with the endless dark hair, to a willowy young goddess with a glossy mane the other girls all envied.

Boys stopped the taunts and the pushing and shoving became a thing of the past as well.  They now looked down and stammered if they tried to talk to her, and tripped over their own feet if they tried to walk next to her.  Yes, Maria was a magical young lady, which of course would save her many times in the coming years.

That’s it for today.  Must run.  Happy to write again!


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina says:

    Excellent! Subtly dangerous at a young age. What every girl needs to be!


  2. shessosavvy says:

    Love this! Every girl goes through bullying. Sad but true. We need to learn to stand up and fight back or we will be doomats for life. Maria is awesome! Photo looks like you might have as a young teen, Nancy!


  3. chella says:

    Great bit about Maria. She’s been through what every girl goes through. And she’s coming out a winner. The magical side of her is interesting. Nice slant.


  4. Christina says:

    Maria is a complex character. She is capable of defending herself and that’s good. Is she also capable of creating problems? Probably without knowing that she is. Love your work!


  5. Jill says:

    OK, Maria is much more interesting than ever. Definitely explore the magical side. She’s a good girl though. All of us fans get very involved with your characters! Excited to see you here every week!


  6. jocelyn says:

    At first I didn’t like the (small and elegant) nose bling. But now that I think about it, Maria would’ve done something just like that if she lived today. Love your work! Happy you’re back at it!


  7. Lucille says:

    Hugs out, Nancy!!!


  8. Cat says:

    I too like it that Maria fights back. There are some savage girls (boys too) out there and one must learn to protect oneself. Kudos, hon!


  9. erin says:

    Hey Nancy! Maria is a very good character. She needs more time in the series, I think. She’s got potential. So happy that you’re back to writing! Hugs out!


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