Race Against Time Update


There are changes coming up in 2019-2020 for my CounterClockwise series. Look for an Race Against Time (Volume #3).  This will be very exciting and there will be some additional, rather big, changes in the tone of this series because of them.

One of those changes in tone will be a grittier feel to my characters, which will show in their speech and actions.  I’m not (never will be) interested in cashing in on the overly sexed, overly violent, kind of content that to me  only serves to be a flash in the pan.  So, that’s not what I’m getting at.  My characters will not drop “F bombs” at random, if  at all, but they won’t hesitate to use some colorful language, within reason anyway.  As for the sexual content I prefer to promote passion instead of pornography.  Enough said there, I think. 

One other change I’d like to mention is that I’ve spent a lot of time in the 1840s so far in this series because that’s were the majority of my dreams are set, however, I also plan to roll it forward in time (writers can do that) and bring my people, reincarnated versions thereof, into the chaos of the 1960s.  I think it’s going to be fun and cool and scary – much like that era itself.  

I love this series. All of it.  The dreams.  The characters.  The points in our history that I use as settings.  I even love the people out there who think I’m absolutely nuts admitting to, and writing about, my dreams.  Oh well, too bad for the non-believers.  If they don’t have faith they really don’t know what they’re missing.  

Here’s my changes-in-theworks. Hope all of you enjoy them.   


Connie and Nora Join Forces. 

It was a freak accident that brought these two women together.  A small child ran in front of a horse, the rider pulled back sharply and avoided the little one, but, unfortunately for him, fell and broke his shoulder.  The horse didn’t fare much better.  He was injured as well, not fatally, but badly hurt nonetheless.  

The mother of the child turned out to be shopping in a fashionable millinery shop, and it was when she turned from a conversation she was having with another customer, that she saw her child had left the chair she was supposed to be sitting in and was in the middle of the accident that had happened in the street.  

Some of the people who gathered to help the rider, horse and child, turned a cold eye toward the little girl’s mother.  Making matters even worse, the lady had been branded a brazen hussey as she was widowed and had the “audacity” to be seen at dinner with a local gentlemen when it was barely 3 years since her poor husband’s death.  No doubt in this writer’s mind that the ladies of this particular town were the ancestors of those infamous members of the Harper Valley PTA.  (Google that if you don’t know what it means) 


First enter Connie Merriton.

On her own and without her daughter for the week, Connie went to see her favorite dressmaker before embarking on a trip to Europe.  Her daughter safely at her parents’ home in Mexico, Connie had made the trip to this one-horse town few people knew existed with a much older spinster cousin in tow, and Juanita was nothing if she wasn’t cross unless constantly fed.  Connie had passed by a lovely bakery on the way to the dressmaker, causing Juanita to call her some rather unpleasant names in Spanish under her breath.  

With her cousin sitting in what she proclaimed, loud, often, and in Spanish, as the most uncomfortable chair in the world, Connie proceeded to get measured for a number of new gowns.  It had been ages since she allowed herself such a luxury and it felt good after the mess her once beloved husband, Richard, created in their life.  The humiliation of knowing he had been carrying on quite openly with another woman, and the disgust at hearing that that other woman may have had Richard’s child, had been emotionally devastating for her.  

Oh yes, despite Juanita’s sour mood, Connie was enjoying herself.  She smiled.  She laughed and meant it.  Her face glowed like it hadn’t in the past two or three years.  It was a beautiful site.  

And then there came a terrifying noise from the street, followed by a child screaming, a horse and rider crashing to the ground, and women shouting out for help.  


Next enter Nora Wells with a new friend. 

It was a delightful Summer day.  Not too hot, and for the first time in weeks, not raining.  Perfect weather for shopping.  And Nora needed some things quite badly.  Well, no, to tell the truth she didn’t need a damn thing  – she just felt like spending money.  A little “retail therapy” before anyone thought of it as such.  

A sweet display of hats in a smart window display seemed to call her in from the sidewalk, and Nora, never able to resist being the first to start a trend, spied a bright pink bonnet with soft silver ribbons and small silver satin roses on it.  It was stunning, not to mention daring.  The Harper Valley PTA ancestors would never approve of it, and to be quite candid about our Nora, that made it all the more appealing to her.  And so, in she went.  

Another lady, one of about 30 or 35 in appearance, was also in the millinery shop, along with a very pretty little girl, who appeared to be about 4 or 5 years old.  With bright red curls bouncing every time she laughed, the child caught Nora’s attention right away.  

“She’s a handful, I must admit!”  The mother smiled at Nora.  “I’m Judith North, this is my daughter, Charity.”  

“Nora Wells.  Mrs.  Happy to meet you both.”  

Judith blushed.  “I’m a widow.  My husband was in the army and was killed three years ago.”  

Nora placed a sisterly hand on Judith’s arm.  “Oh.  I am sorry.  Your child seems happy though.  She was too young to be affected I’m thinking.”  

Judith nodded and smiled.  She was an attractive redhead with blue eyes and freckles.  And she wasn’t a bit like the women who loved to judge and gossip.  “Yes, that’s true.  It’s the silver lining to such a tragedy.  My baby is happy.”  

Wanting to change the subject, Nora looked around the shop appreciatively.  “The hats here are quite lovely.  Do you shop here often?”  

“Yes.  Charity and I moved here after my husband died.  His family had land nearby and that came to us.  I had a house built on it and we’ve been here ever since.”  Judith looked at Nora shyly. “If you’d like, miss, I’d be pleased to have you for dinner.  We don’t get many visitors but I do enjoy having a guest at the table.”  

Nora smiled.  It was a long time since she met another woman who was so openly friendly toward her.  And yet, it showed all signs of being sincere.  “Thank you!  I’d be happy to come.  I’m only here for the next week and I don’t know a soul. My husband is not with me on this trip, as I came for the shopping, which is quite good.”  

Judith laughed.  “Yes!  That’s the surprise to many who come here.  For a small dot on the map we do have our fineries!”  

The two were interrupted by the sound of people shouting in the street, and when Judith turned to find her daughter gone, they both rushed out the door.  

Believe in your dreams. They may tell you who you REALLY are……



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly-J says:

    Your writing gets better and better. I love your work, and you are forever one of my favorite female role models. You are incredible!


  2. erin says:

    I love these two women getting together finally. But, what asshole thinks your nuts? They need to stay away from here that’s for sure. Idiots. You’re a talented and beautiful woman. That’s why they hate you, Nancy, pure jealousy at work. Screw ’em!


  3. Christina says:

    Also think your detractors are idiots! You are the most genuinely talented woman I have ever met, online or off. I love your work, your attitude is super good, and you are a real beauty. Love your new changes for this series!!


  4. Yolanda says:

    Connie and Nora will be a powerful team! That Judith lady sounds interesting too. You’re on a roll! I personally have no problem believing what you say about dreams. I’ve had many dreams in my life that came true and it’s strange to talk about to others who are not believers but you said it exactly right! God bless you!


  5. Sandy says:

    How awesome! Connie and Nora what a pair! The men don’t stand a chance!


  6. Tina says:

    All I can say is that I am looking forward to seeing the update! This is a great story!


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