Nora Does Not Break Down And Cry. Not This Time. Never Again.

This time it’s different. 

She’s said her piece.  Made her opinion well known to him.  And for once, for the first time ever since she fell in love with him, she does not break down and cry.

Maybe it’s just that she’s had enough of the heartbreak.  Maybe she’s realized that she’s way too good for the likes of a man who does nothing but skulk around in the shadows and make a good woman feel like a whore.

No it’s not the first time. 

You know that she’s been in this place before.  Quite a few times.  So she knows him and how damn mean he can be and how he can make her feel like she’s never been more wrong about a person.  And that she’s the stupidest woman ever born to have fallen for him.

But she’s determined to keep her head.  Keep her wits about her.  Put pride first and make her stand a permanent one.  If it’s the last thing she ever does she’s going to see it through.

It may not change a thing. 

The lady realizes that she’s talking to a brick wall.  In modern times it would be like a one-sided phone conversation where one person is doing all the talking and the other person simply listens.  That’s how it is for her.

Her stubborn mule of a man doesn’t budge an inch.  Not for her.  No way.  And if there was ever anything on God’s Earth that would make her run for the crying towel it would be the knowledge that he simply doesn’t love her.  Not enough.  Maybe not at all.  Whatever it is that he feels what she says doesn’t seem to matter to him.

Life has a way of coming back at you. 

Yes, there can be some kind of dark hour for this guy and if that happens only he will understand how bad it feels.  There will be nothing to console him.  Nothing to bring back that sweet smile he used so freely to charm the ladies.  He’ll have gone cold inside and although he will seek the warmth he once knew – it will be gone.  Unavailable to him.

She’ll never understand.

Why he said what he said and did what he did.  What was he thinking?  What did he want?  Just a game?  Is that all a woman is to him?  A toy to play with and put back on the shelf? 

In some ways she feels sorry for him.  What he has cast aside will someday be clear to him and that’s when that dark hour will begin.  And it may not last just for an hour.  It may be a helluva lot longer than that.

Believe in your dreams. They may be telling you who you REALLY are!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nina says:

    I love the strong female characters you bring into your work!


  2. Jill says:

    She’s the tough cookie in this series. Th others are strong but Nora is special. Very much like you, Nancy. Both the way your describe her appearance and her intelligence.


  3. chella says:

    She’s a stone wall that character! So many of your female players are!


  4. Cat says:

    Of course she does not! We love her strong attitude!


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