Two Of Cups – It’s All About Your Better Half

Two Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Many times, when this card comes along in a reading it is perhaps a reminder that we need to find balance in our love lives – twos are really all about balance – and remember that there’s someone special who is a true part of our soul.

Classically the Two Of Cups is the card of a romantic partnership, but since cups can also point to creativity, it can also be a partnership that forms the basis for a very talented design business.

Number Two In The Tarot

This number does relate to some type of partnership, as I said above, and in the case of the Two Of Cups it means either a love-match or a blending of two art-oriented minds.

Whatever the case the number two usually means (I hesitate to say the word always) that there is going to be something that comes out of this kind of partnership or union if you will. That can be a marriage, or a serious committment, or a newly created design business. Again it depends on what’s happening in your life right now.

Finding a happy balance between you and your partner is of the essence when you see this card. You may feel a need to be loved, love in return, and enjoy life together all the more strong.

Astrological Correspondences

In astrology the second house is about what we value, most of that being on the material plane, but, also, what we value most in life such as places, people, interests, and work ethics.

This card is a cup and therefore corresponds to the water signs. That automatically brings the emotional aspect to the fore, and there’s a touch of dreaminess to this card that could point to finding or at least believing you’ve found that relationship you’ve been dreaming about.

Spiritual Messages From The Two Of Cups

  • Now is the time to take another look at the person who has been doting on you, bringing you that cup of coffee when you need it, and lending you an understanding ear when it seems everything is going wrong.
  • Love is the ultimate gift that anyone gives or gets and even though you surely deserve the material rewards for your efforts, having someone to share it all with makes the success all the more sweet.
  • There is someone who wants very much to tell you how they feel, but, they are shy and insecure.  You need to look at a person with those qualities again and come to terms with who’s who in your life.
  • You are likely to come to a moment when you realize that someone is truly your “better half” and appreciate them all the more.
  • Physical intimacy will be sweeter and you’ll find you’re showing your emotions much more freely.
  • It’s possible that an artistic project may come together between yourself and another person, or, you may blend two of your talents together, such as pottery and metal work.
  • Last, but not least, you could be making an important commitment to your special someone. Seeing this card in a reading is saying that the time is now.

My CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series brings tarot and astrology into the story as methods used by my characters.  Some are readers themselves – but not all of them have good intentions!  

Believe in your dreams. They may tell you who you REALLY are……

3 Comments Add yours

  1. chella says:

    It’s my favorite card. Of all of them. Love it.


  2. Angela says:

    Amazingly accurate!


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