Hitting all the right notes.  

That’s what romantic fiction is all about.  How she feels when she looks at him.  How he feels when he says her name.  Sigh.  It’s grand, isn’t it?

Yes.  For certain it is grand.  But, not always.  There’s thorns among the roses as we well know.

Today though, I wanted to write about something special.  Maybe it’s the end of Summer tugging at me.  Maybe it’s Throwback Thursday.  Or maybe there’s no reason at all.  I just feel like writing about falling in love.  Yes.  I’m a hopeless romantic after all.  God, there’s no help for me is there?

Spellbound.  Completely.  

The glow of pure wax candles was everywhere in the room.  Mirrored sconces reflected the candle flames that cast a warm, golden glow to everything and everyone in the room.

It was elegance itself in a time when true elegance ruled.  Handmade lace.  Soft velvet.  Smooth satin.  Glistening jewels.

Men and women were dressed in tailor-made suits and ball gowns.  Diamond studs and pearls adorned the finest of fabrics money could buy.

And amidst all of this wealth and finery, a lady entered the room, looking a bit unsure of herself and somewhat put off by all of this.  Though, to look at her, a remarkable dark-haired beauty dressed in a gown the color of a clear Summer sky, a person would think that she not only fit in perfectly among the city’s carriage trade, but that she was indeed a star in her own right.

Yet, this lady took small, tenuous steps through the doorway, keeping a smile in place that may have looked pretty, but did little to make her feel at ease.

A voice filled the room.

Men and women were immediately drawn to the lady in blue.  She was a mystery to them all and no one was sure why she was there at all.  No man came to claim her.  No group beckoned to her.  She appeared for all intents and purposes to be alone.  In 1840 that was not only a rarity – it was something scandalous. And so the whispering began.

The first strains were heard from the orchestra pit, giving the crowd the signal that the show was about to start.  Amidst the soft laughter, hushed voices and the rustle of satin, our mystery lady made her way silently to her seat, knowing full well the jealous glares that were being sent her way.

Ushers discreetly extinguished many of the candles, further dimming the light in the room, before the music started in earnest and the curtain was pulled back.

A man dressed in a deep red suit, crisp white shirt and black velvet tie, walked onto the center of the stage.  The audience was on its feet clapping and there were soft whistles heard.  The performer put his hands up, bowing his head in tribute, then began to sing….

Love came unexpectedly. 

Our lovely lady in blue was caught completely unawares.  The sound of his voice.  The light reflecting in his eyes.  And something undefinable. But powerful.

Perhaps it was the song itself, so sweet and mellow.  Perhaps it was her place alone in a crowd that was completely unfriendly toward her.  Or, perhaps it was nothing she could explain away.  It was just there.

Her heart beat faster.  She caught her breath.  Her thoughts were moving at the speed of light. And before the song was over there was but one thing she could do…..

Grab hold of her skirts and….RUN….

Believe in your dreams. They may tell you who you really are……



7 Comments Add yours

  1. cheryl says:

    I enjoy reading your blog posts. It’s unique that you go behind the story here and talk about what motivated you. Also love the character studies.


  2. Linda says:

    You need to start using photos of you, Nancy. This is another one you could’ve done. You’re beautiful and we all would love to see you!


  3. Kelly-J says:

    And our beautiful brunette??? Ha! Babe it’s you, hon.


  4. Tina says:

    Isn’t it romantic? Love this! It’s sweet and sensual.


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