She Was More To Him Than He Admitted

Chasing A Dream.

Sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not. In this series, the results of chasing a dream are especially disastrous for one person. That one will remain nameless at this time to keep from being a spoiler!

When a person is out of your reach it can seem like a nightmare. There are all kinds of doubts and moments of beating yourself up over imagined flaws you have or things you might have done wrong. All of that is b.s. Really. And that was just as true in 1840 as it is now.

Things can flip around.

The one who has the upper hand (and believes himself to be superior) can change in a heartbeat. God and Madame Wheel have ways of righting the ship when it comes to who has actually been doing something wrong and who has not. There’s no justifying any bad intentions or breaking an honest heart with The Lord – He doesn’t want to hear it!

And so the one who was down, the under-my-thumb little person, can suddenly rise up out of the ashes and transform into a beautiful phoenix, who also has great inner strength and reserves. Anyone who has done her wrong is in for a shock!

She’s out of reach now.    

That phoenix has spread her lovely wings and is soaring away, at that point destined to indeed be EVERYTHING to him, and it is at that very time that the man in question, the one who thought she wasn’t good enough and who treated her like she was insignificant, will want her the most. Of course. That’s the way God and Madame Wheel work. They take no prisoners when it comes to justice!

In my CounterClockwise series more than one character comes to the place of realizing that they lost something they never fully valued, and that that loss is one that will haunt them for all eternity. That’s not morbid, because I as the author am certainly not, it’s just bringing reality into the situation. That’s what we fiction writers like to do. Add events that sound familiar to the readers to bring the point home. To all.

Is there hope?

The beautiful phoenix will never come back to the scoundrel on her own. He’s dead to her (emotionally) and she’s more likely to dance on his grave than forgive him.

However, as a Christian who believes that God is love, I will allow that the idiot could have an “aha” moment and move mountains to win back his amazing phoenix. But, for him to succeed, he’ll have to offer this beauty more than he ever thought he would offer any woman – his heart, his soul, his loyalty, and his deep respect for the blessing of having her in his life.


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  1. Nina says:

    That image of the cowboy into his booze and his depression says it all. Your work is excellent and there’s that touch of genius about you, honey. You’re GORGEOUS babe, and all of us ladies here wish we looked half as good as you. So I am sure you know what you’re talking about when you say that a guy F—Ed up and lost the love he should’ve had. Hey, if any stupid cuss did that to you he should be locked up. In a straight jacket LOL!!!


  2. Yolanda says:

    Oh! What a sad S.O.B!!! He has himself to blame that’s for sure! Your series is amazing. Deep and to the heart.


  3. Tina says:

    Yea, if you ever got this kind of treatment that guy is a nut case. I love your work. You lived it once. You made me a believer and I don’t believe in shit. Oops. Can I say that LOL????


  4. Angela says:

    He reminds me of someone…..a famous person maybe? YOU are a doll and I am so impressed with your work. You lived it for sure. And now? You have a handicapped kid, all the usual stuff we all have, and yet, you manage to look amazing and produce amazing work. Nancy, you are my HERO!


  5. Cat says:

    Angela, he reminds me of some country western singer I can’t remember which one though. Any of them I’m guessing would fit this. Nancy, we all draw from experience in life and I’m in agreement with the rest about the stupidity of some men. And if he mistreated you then he’s totally out of his mind. And a dick. Can I say that here? He’s a dick? LOL


  6. Christina says:

    Don’t know if he’s a singer or a rodeo star…..maybe both….but he’s hot as hell!


  7. There’s just something about your work that pulls me back in. Your blogging about your series makes a huge difference. It gives us all the details and the inspiration behind what you write.


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