The World


The World – Tarot Card XXI Meaning

One of my favorite Tarot cards!

The World is the last card of the Major Arcana and from being in that place it it usually associated with endings, conclusions and it carries a happy-ever-after kind of energy.

One of the interesing things about The World is that it can also be taken literally. It’s possible that travel, international associaitons of all kinds, worldwide communication and being around and involved with people from far-off places will be important to you now.

Additionally, The World can mean land and how we live, where we live and ownership of property. When you see this card it’s possible that if you have a desire to own a new home you’re on the right track toward doing just that.

Astrological Correspondence

Again, I must warn anyone who believes in following what is considered to be The Norm, which in Tarot there should be no such thing, that I myself follow my gut instincts, no doubt as a good Aries woman, and go with what I feel the card says.      

And so I associate The World Major Arcana Card with the planet Jupiter in Astrology.  Jupiter is nicknamed “The Great Beneficent” for the reason that it brings a shower of blessings in the way of doors opening and pathways clearing so that our most precious goals can be met.  Think big – and you’ll be right in step with both The World Tarot Card and the energy of the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is a planet that brings in the knowledge, beauty and culture of the entire world, and so I find it to be a beautiful blend for The World Tarot Card.

The idea that “everything is possible” comes to us strongly with The World.  And that an incredible pot-of-gold ending awaits us.

Numerical Signifiance

The number 21 breaks down easily to a 3 ( 2 + 1 ) and that associates The World with the number three personality type and the third house in astrology – both strongly relating to communication.

Another aspect of the number three is that it can relate to many things that involve speaking, writing, seeing, hearing and thinking. That brings in teaching, public speaking, signing contracts, written letters, emails and text messages, voice mail messages, telephone calls, meetings and conferences and even playing a part on stage or auditioning for one.

Special Blessings

There is a definite spirit of positive outcomes about The World card and it usually means that what you’re doing now is going to lead you to a happy and successful ending. Think about having the whole world in your corner and you’ll get a better idea of what I mean.

Spiritual Messages

  • When you see The World in a reading, know that you’re about to see something or perhaps everything come to a very happy conclusion in your life. The seeds you planted long ago have been growing, through many seasons and many events, and you will now see the fruits of your labor and enjoy the pleasure that brings. Thus the nickname, the “happily ever after” card.
  • Be sure to keep an eye out for assistance from those who live far away, speak different languages, and are of religious and cultural beliefs that are different from your own.
  • Embrace global good-will and take advantage of opportunites to visit places you’ve never been to before. Whatever you do, make it a worldwide effort – as much as you possibly can – and your chances of success will be much greater.

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