Connie Merriton Is A Leo Woman

Why I made her a Leo. 

Born August 1, 1815, at 3:01PM, near what is now Cancun, Mexico, Connie Merriton, Richard’s (presently in the series) estranged wife, is tiny in stature, but, she roars like a lioness when she feels threatened.

Connie is a stunning Mexican beauty.  (By the way, if anyone is wondering, I personally am very partial to Mexican food, culture, traditions and of course the amazing Mexican people!) And she’s proud of her family, her heritage, and takes tremendous pride in how she lives and how she treats other people.

But most of all, Connie, or Conception as she is rightly called, loves with all of her heart.  And like most Leo women, Connie’s heart is as big and warm as The Sun itself, which rules the Astrological sign of Leo.

About the sign of Leo. 

It’s the 5th sign of the Zodiac, and so it naturally rules the 5th House of love, romance, creativity, children and strength (both physical and inner).

Leo is one of the three Fire Signs, joined by its brothers Aries and Sagittarius, and it’s also a fixed sign, meaning that Leos are not easily deterred and that it takes a lot of effort to sway their opinions.

Leo is very passionate by nature, as are all the Fire Signs, and since it rules love and marriage, Leos are quite dedicated to a person, once they choose their mate.

Like the Lions in the wild, Leos are natural-born leaders and they stand tall and proud, even in the face of adversity.

Leos make amazing friends, are caring lovers, and they love their children forever and a day.

Specific Leo women traits.  

A Leo woman loves to be in the limelight, not to mention the sunlight, as much as she can.  She’s the person who steps up to address an audience, large or small, and has so much personality about her that she wins them over in a heartbeat.

Whether she’s tall or short, a Leo woman is in possession of a beauty that comes from her strong character and how she stands by those she loves – regardless of how many are against them.     

Children are God’s gift to us on Earth and a Leo woman is totally committed to her little ones, showers them with gifts of love and spoils them to no end.  She’s never too tired, too busy or too anything to let her kids down.

A Leo woman is not one a person wants to see on the opposite side of a debate, or worse yet, a battle.  She will outlast her enemies and stay strong until the end.  And the odds are that she’ll come out on top.

Loyalty is top on a Leo woman’s list of importance, and she will be loyal to her man or her friends for all of her life.  And if they mistakenly take her loyalty for weakness, she will rally against them and hit them where they live.

How Connie Merriton shows her Leo strength.  

When the man she adores takes up with another woman, Connie doesn’t turn the other cheek and pretend all is well, even though that is what most women of her time did.  Instead, Connie packs up their only child and heads back to Mexico to be with her family.

Traveling was dangerous overall in the 1840s, and it was even more so for a woman and a child who travelled alone.  With no one but an aging manservant to accompany them, Connie and young Margarita made the long journey from New York to Mexico despite the protestations of literally everyone around her.

Hence, another Leo woman trait emerged – leadership.  Connie stood firm to her decision, and while she was kind and appreciated the concern others expressed, she kept to her plan and took her daughter back to where they were both born.

Connie’s future. 

Well, of course I can’t reveal everything here!  But I can say that Connie Merriton makes a name for herself as a powerhouse of courage and an example of being a fine parent, before the series is finished.

You can start reading my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series now – and be ready for the update to Book #3, and all the future volumes to come!


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  1. Jill says:

    I like this character. Can’t wait for the book 3 update!


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