The Fool

Tarot Card, The Fool #O (zero), Meaning

The Fool is a card that is associated with amazement and wonder – and a whole new path that you now see before you.

There’s a childlike sense of innocence and absolute trust that comes with The Fool that is beautiful and touching. And you can experience a renewed interest in life in general.

Usually The Fool heralds in a fresh start – and one that comes with a great deal of excitement and a natural belief in a positive outcome.

The downside of The Fool is that there can be little attention paid to actual facts and the minute details and warnings posted in the fine print could prove to be one’s undoing.

All in all The Fool is a very happy and positive energy point that brings us a renewed interest in our work and no doubt opportunities for many changes.

The Fool And The Major Arcana Cards

Major Arcana Cards send us powerful messages about events in our lives that relate to Karma or what was meant to happen to us in life before we were born.

That’s a very deep concept and it’s one that we usually find, especially as we get older, that it’s a truth we need to accept in order to meet challenges, get past obstacles, etc.

In the case of The Fool you see the little girl or boy in front of you – and realize it is in fact yourself – who so wants to join the circus that it never occurs to her that she may have to first learn how to fly on that trapeze or juggle those plates before she starts out. She has such an unwaivering belief in what she’s doing that nothing else matters. The road beckons. And that’s all she knows.

It’s not a bad thing though. Not by any means. When all is said and done The Fool comes with the message that you should never, ever, give up on your dreams. The new path is always glorious and yes, it does come with pitfalls, but you can use your enthusiasm to your advantage.

Spiritual Message

When you see this card in a reading, it’s no doubt there’s a new project or important new relationship in front of you that is full of great possibilities. You are so excited about it that it makes you feel like a kid at Christmas and that may be more than you’ve felt for a long time, especially if you’ve been working very hard to reach this point.

Let the happiness and good fortune happen. Don’t let the fear of rain stop you from your time in the sun. But, it never hurts to check the weather forecast before you venture out either.

By all means look first and ask questions but when you do decide to put your foot on that brand new path, do it with confidence and a great attitude. All is good. The Fool is with you. And that’s a great thing.

In my “CounterClockwise” series, characters begin using the tarot to make decisions in book # 2.

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