The Empress

The Empress #3 Tarot Card Meaning

This is without a doubt an incredibly fortunate card for any woman to see in a Tarot reading. It is even more so in a single card spread, as the message is concentrated and all the more potent.

The Empress is one of the Major Arcana, given the number 3,  and is the ultimate in feminine power. She has all the most positive characteristics associated with being a woman, and uses a softer approach to get what she wants and create what she wants to create.  Thus the reason she is often associated with pregnancy.

Among those characteristics are – sharp instincts, the ability to make graceful changes, fair and kind judgment, a desire for all that she loves to flourish, and the strength to take care of those who are not able to do so for themselves.

Add to all of that that The Empress is a wonderful communicator and a natural-born leader and you may see why she is such a great card to turn over in a reading.

Numerical And Astrological Associations

Communication is strong with this card as The Empress is assigned the number three in the Major Arcana, and that relates to the third house in Astrology that governs communication.

Also corresponding with astrology’s third house are travel, and education, making The Empress is strong in both of those areas as well.

Another aspect of the number three is that seen in a different light it pertains to the concept of a triangle and that there may be three sides to an issue or situation – or a possible love triangle that needs to be sorted out.

In the case of The Empress, she is likely to be either the person who acts as judge and advises others about their choices, or, she is in a position to make an important choice of her own.

Putting all of those things together, The Empress has the ability to speak and listen with great skill and the advice she gives is of a kind that is meant to be beneficial to all concerned.

If she has to make a decision to leave something – she does it with as much consideration as possible.

Spiritual Message

Women are in their natural element when this card is pulled in their Tarot readings.

The Empress is such a distinctly strong card, but it tends to be a softer and more compassionate strength due to the feminine touch.

Your decision-making skills will be excellent when you see this card in a reading Use this time to dig in and learn whatever you need to learn about your situation and the details and then don’t hesitate to state your case and your choices clearly and firmly.

The environment around you now is very positive and you have a great deal going for you. People are likely to gravitate toward you and even seek out your advice. Your opinion may be especially valuable to them now and you have a chance to show your knowledge and expertise.

Beginning with Book # 2, tarot readings become an important part of how my characters make decisions in “CounterClockwise”.

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  1. Lucille says:

    She kinda reminds me of you, Nancy! You have that Tribal Goddess look about you! Beautiful card, and the message is one of so much continued hope!


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