What Kind Of Ring She Loves

Not the common types!

It will take much more than a ring that sits in a jeweler’s window to turn the head of one heroine in particular. She doesn’t care if it’s the most expensive ring in the world. She doesn’t want it.

Instead she wishes for a ring that has deeper beauty, deeper meaning. Perhaps one that’s sold at an estate sale or had been left at a pawn broker shop many years ago, after the lady who owned it had passed away.

What she wants.

Is something with history. A ring that’s been loved and cherished before and brings with it the passion and sweetness and the joy of a past romance. One that was truly blessed.

The ring could be simple. A small diamond or emerald or pearl in a plain gold setting. It doesn’t matter. Because the spirit it carries is worth more than money can buy.

But does he know?

It’s important that the man knows what kind of ring she loves. He should want to please his lady – especially at one moment in particular. That moment that she has been dreaming about for so long and wishing, hoping and praying for twice and three times a day.

And he may not not know about her desire for an old ring. She’s beautiful and elegant and so fashionable that he may at first believe that buying an enormous diamond from the best jeweler in the city would be right. But it isn’t. It’s not The Ring. Not by a long shot.

How he finds out what kind of ring she loves.

He can’t ask her. That would spoil the surprise. Instead he must find sly ways to get her to tell him without revealing his true purpose.

So he makes his plans to trick her into telling him. Using someone else as a distraction. Telling her the ring is in fact for another woman from a dear friend of his who can’t decide what kind of ring to give. Of course that’s just a story he makes up. But it’s a good one and the lady falls for it hook, line and sinker. What fun!

Why she wants a special kind of ring.

It will be like no one else has anywhere. It can’t be. Even a custom-designed ring that costs the Earth could not compare. For her special ring has a heart and soul all its own.

And that, my friends, is what kind or ring that lady loves.

But…..who is she???? You’ll have to read the series to find out!

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