Once A Casanova Always A Casanova

It’s discovery time.

There comes a moment in a relationship when it’s either going to move forward and become permanent or it’s going to go down in flames. More than one of my characters experience this moment – and for at least one of them it does not end well.

He can lie all he wants.

Mostly, this guy is lying to himself. And it’s only going to cause him barrels of trouble in the long run. At one point in the story, he’s doing well. He’s putting on a show for all the world to see and makes himself out to be a man who “has it all”.

But that’s just a front. When he finds himself alone all his lies come crashing down around him. He sits in a chair, watching logs burn in the fireplace, lighting a very fashionable cigarette. He’s very wealthy so when the fire burns down he simply pulls an elegant velvet rope and summons a servant to tend to it, and for the moment he’s distracted from his thoughts.

But she’s on his mind. He doesn’t like that but that’s how it is. She doesn’t ever leave his head but he’s had so much trouble admitting that to anyone that he doesn’t even like to admit it to himself. And so the lies continue. Even in front of the fire. Watching it crackle and smelling the wood burn. Like the stories he tells about how great his life is going, the fire is ever-changing and jumps as high as it can. But eventually it does go out.

He said so many things.

Awful things. Made her feel bad. Made her cry. Cry harder than she ever cried before.

Finally, she had enough and turned away. Left him to sit on his own and wonder about her…..Wonder where she is and what she’s doing. Wonder if she’s having fun or laughing again. Wonder who is holding her in his arms. Wondering if she sighs when she kisses him.

But he knows his words cut her like knife. And what did she do to deserve such punishment? Oh yes. The poor girl had the nerve to say she loved him. That she wanted to marry him. Have a good, decent relationship with him to be proud of. And that’s when he turned on her.

Like a snake turning to strike its victim, this Casanova kind of a guy, sunk his fangs into this poor little thing with his harsh words. She was wounded for sure, but she didn’t die. She lived. And she continues to live. Even without him.

He has a horrible track record.

Yes, he does. He’s been with more women than he can count – whiskey put a lot of holes in his memory – and he’s left a lot of heartbreak in his wake.

Perhaps now it’s his turn. Perhaps now he’s going to feel as though he’s been bitten by a snake. Only her venom is surprisingly powerful to him. He didn’t think she would be so hard to forget. Or so hard to stop loving.

Updating book #3 “Race Against Time”

I’m working on an update for this title and you’ll find lots of interesting twists and turns taking place in the story you may not expect!

Image:  Heath Ledger in the film “Casanova” from the IMDb website

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  1. Angela says:

    LOVE to see you blogging about this series again! Ya, some jerks never change. Just because they were born with a dick they don’t have to act like one LOL!!


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