King Of Pentacles – Both Sides Of The Coin

He’s all about the money.

A brilliant business man and one heckuva good student, the King Of Pentacles succeeds at everything he applies himself to – and that’s no exaggeration.

Early on in life, this king decided that he wanted it all – riches, fame, and knowledge. Love may not have been high on his list, if it made it at all, but of course once he reaches the highest financial circles, he can have his pick of women.

Relating to earth signs in astrology, the suit of Pentacles bring with them a strong need for security and a tireless pursuit of success. Physical wellness and endurance run high.

And like the other suits, Pentacles bring both good news and bad news. Here is a bit about both sides of the coin:

Heads Up (Good)

A well-aspected King Of Pentacles is dependable, responsible, honest and loyal as the day is long. He’s an amiable chap who gets along with most everyone and has a very long fuse when it comes to anger.

Not one to be predisposed to mood swings, a positive King Of Pentacles is a guy a woman can count on to come through the door smiling every day – and at the same time nearly on the nose.

He’s a man of high ambition who wants nothing but the best in life for himself and everyone he loves. If he has to work day and night to reach that goal, he’s one who has the physical strength to do just that.

As a lover the King Of Pentacles is very sensual and fully enjoys the pleasure of his mate. He will always remember to bring her her favorite perfume, flowers or candy, and may well be an excellent cook who will make amazing meals his lady will love.

Once he’s given his heart to a woman, she has it forever. This king will not stray or continually pine for someone else. He’s got his head on straight and knows what he wants – so when he tells a lady it’s going to be a lifetime relationship, he means it.

Tails Up (Not Good)

Poorly aspected, the King Of Pentacles is as cold as a silver dollar and looks at money and social status as the only things in life worthwhile.

He tends to frown on romantic love in general, and marries a woman who can either help boost his career or increase his wealth or both.

From there the news for the lady in his life may get even worse. The negative side of the King Of Pentacles is that he is cruelly critical and while he may seek the pleasure of a woman’s company, even when it’s outside of his marriage, he later places blame on the woman alone and finds reason after reason to shame her. No, he’s not a nice guy to get involved with.

Furthermore, if he casts his eye on a woman and she turns him down, he is the type who would delight in taking his revenge in a very real ways, such as doing what he could to harm her financially.

Since pentacles relate to the material world and holding onto wealth and posessions, the King Of Pentacles could be one who never falls in love at all, but instead uses women for their money and could be described as  “just a gigolo”.

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  1. I’ve known a few guys like that “tails” side of the coin!! Love this series – waiting for more books!!


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