He Loves Her

Oh how the plot thickens!

Our story continues with one of our most attractive male characters still in denial about the lady who owns his heart. Not stole it mind you, no she didn’t need to do that, she just walked in and bought it. That’s how it was and how it still is.

The problem comes in when this guy, who I shall not name because it would be a spoiler, doesn’t acknowledge the aforementioned lady.

And it’s a shame too.

She is that one he’s always wanted. Whether or not he ever actually admitted it (highly doubtful) but she’s that one that’s under his skin and in his head and his heart…..all of it.

And even though she has patience enough to wait, at this particular point in the story she does not know if she is in fact waiting for something special or simply sitting there talking to herself. Which she does do at times I admit.

All he needs to do.

Is tell her. TELL her! Even I get frustrated with this guy and I’m the one writing the books!

It’s hard for me to sit back and watch two people who are so right for each other do absolutely nothing about making it real. Well, she has done quite a bit actually. Travelled across country and waited in a hotel room for him to contact her. Waited for two days! But that’s something you have to read about in Book # 3.

Anyway, the lady in question here is a gem. He knows that. She’s a diamond. The Hope Diamond. More importantly HIS Hope Diamond. But….still….he doesn’t say a word.


That’s what she’s hearing from him right now. Just crickets. And all she wants is to be let in!

What’s this big lug going to do about all of this? We’ll have to see, friends, yes we will!

Look for more about our lovers in book #3 and beyond. And God willing by the time this series is finished this guy will have the girl wrapped tightly in his arms. Sigh.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Happy day!! You’re blogging about this series again! Love this!


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