Tarot Card: The Magician

Meaning Of The Magician – I

I love seeing the number one in readings, especially single card readings.

Traditionally The Magus, or Magician as it also  known, brings an opportunity for something new to be created. Not so much in the way or pregnancies though if that’s what you’re hoping for, but rather chances or second chances at times, for success in business or for love to come into full bloom.

It’s a time when you will be called on, and very much want, to make something new happen by using all of your resources and your know-how to make that come about.

Since this one of The Major Arcana it carries a stronger message than the Lower Arcana cards. This means that you should be sure to look for any chance you may see to pull a rabbit out of a hat – figuratively speaking – and make a new beginning wherever you see the possibility.

More About This Card

As I mentioned above Major Arcanas bring more clout to a Tarot reading than do Lower Arcana cards. That includes the court cards, which do have quite a lot of power themselves though not quite as much.

Nothing is ever carved in stone and you always have control of your own life. However when you see a Major Arcana card in a Tarot reading you should really stop, look and listen to what that card means and is saying.

The Magician can get a bit of a bad rap in the Tarot world. If you do some research you’ll find that The Magician can be thought to be a card associated with using others for your own good or manipulating people and events for the same reason alone. I don’t think that that’s the message at all.

Instead The Magician is a very positive energy that points to the fact that we all have more going for us than we oftentimes realize. “You have what it takes!” is the concept that I believe is the true message.

Spiritual Meaning

You are indeed master of your own destiny. Right now you should look around and see where you can begin afresh in a way that is important to you and will have a positive impact on your life and the lives of those you love.

The Magician is a very capable fellow and you can be exactly the same if you apply yourself and focus on what CAN happen.

I have brought tarot readings into my CounterClockwise story, beginning with book # 2, “Connie and Richard”.  That continues throughout the remainder of the series.  

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  1. jocelyn says:

    Adding tarot readings to your story was an excellent move. It has so many possibilities. You’re a gifted writer. And gorgeous. So, ya, we hate you down to your DNA. Not! Much love out to you girlfriend!!!!


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