Going Back To The Old Love

Perhaps you been there.   Sometimes people break up and get back together again, even when they both swore that they never would. People change. That’s a given in real life and it’s one of the most powerful elements of a good romance story. You just never know what the leads will end up doing….

Mrs. Tracy Douglas Allen

I thought I would introduce a new character. Since I’m in the process of writing an update to book #3 “Race Against Time”, I thought I’d fill all of you in on one new character – even though she will not be a central character, she does eventually make an important difference. Her maiden name…

Hand Kissing

Sweet and flattering. Women in 19th century America, and around the world for that matter, never failed to swoon at least a little when a man paid her this honor.  Yes it was both sweet and flattering! Originating in Poland in the 17th century, hand kissing is something that has been given many different meanings….

Reality Came Knocking On His Door

He finds himself alone. It was his dream to marry a beautiful woman, have a home appointed with every degree of elegance, and a brood of healthy children running to greet him every day. So far though, he had indeed married a woman who was, perhaps not the beauty he’d wanted, but came with a…