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Connie Merriton Is One Strong Lady

Whatever came her way, Connie always rose to the occasion.  Raised in a very wealthy, and also very strict, household, Connie was given luxuries in limited quantities.  Her mother was more likely to hold back on the reins when it came to spending money, and her father would be more likely to give in and indulge the girl with some very pricey.

Her parents were both from noble Mexican houses.  Not royalty, but, surely on the invitation list to the highest social events.

All of these things put together gave Connie a fortunate start in life.  She not only had almost unlimited wealth behind her, she had parents who held themselves, and their daughter, to very high standards.  Yet, when Connie fell in love with the tall, dashing American army officer, Richard Merriton, her father was not at all against the match.  Just 16 years old, Connie was wise far beyond her years, and marriage seemed appropriate for her.  Though she faced resentment when she met Richard’s high-toned New York family, Connie held her ground.

Did all that strength of character make Richard love Connie all the more?  No.  Surprisingly, it did not.  He wished she leaned on him more, ran to him in tears at least once in a while.  But that never happened.  Connie took it all in stride and met her enemies with polite dislike.

Did that make Richard turn to another woman?  Yes.  Unfortunately for him, it did.  And that caused him more pain and suffering than he ever imagined it would.  Richard Merriton, after all, had been born with the silver spoon in his mouth just like Connie, and especially back in the middle 19th century, rich men could mostly do what they pleased without repercussions.  So Connie’s decision to pack up herself and their daughter and return to Mexico on her own was shocking to Richard – not to mention the rest of his family and friends.

The story gets more complex as Connie navigates life with her parents, who love her and want to protect her, but actually feel that her place as a woman is with her husband and daughter.  And, the persistence of an ex love, who still very much wants Connie – and of course the connection to a vast fortune that comes with her.

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. cheryl says:

    Nancy it’s great to see you writing again! Love your work! Connie is another example of why I enjoy this series. She’s deep. Does surprising things. That makes the story a keeper.


  2. Lucille says:

    I was hoping you’d write about Connie! She’s dynamite!


  3. Jill says:

    Connie rocks! She’s a woman ahead of her time!


  4. jocelyn says:

    Connie needs to stand up for her marriage. She’s old school Catholic and with her wealth an beauty she would never roll over!


  5. Tully says:

    Connie’s a tough mama! Love that!


  6. erin says:

    Connie should give ’em all hell! Ha! That would rock the boat back in those days!


  7. Sandy says:

    I wonder about keeping it real. At least for Connie’s time. I think she needs to find balance between putting up a fight and realizing when to lay low.


  8. Linda says:

    Connie is at odds with herself. She wants to tell Richard to leave and never come back and at the same time she loves him and knows that her daughter would miss her father. And then there’s his family……


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