Frankie Is One Confused Guy

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Well, it seems our handsome young Frenchman is a bit betwixt and between about his money and the women in his life.  Read on.

Money, Money, Money

His new bar “Sweet Vermouth”, is doing fine.  His position at Martin Transport is secure and becoming more profitable and interesting every day.  In fact, he’s making more money than he thought possible.  But with  that is a responsibility Frankie did not anticipate.  Should he keep his money in (what he considered to be) an unreliable New York bank?  Or, should he ship it home to France so his parents could watch over it for him.  Decisions, decisions.  For now, thousands, nay, tens of thousands of U.S. dollars were stashed away in his mattress, traveling trunk, and other cupboards in his flat.  Was it just a matter of time until he came home after washing down dinner with a couple bottles of wine only to find that his fortune was gone?  Was anyone really watching him that closely? 

 Here Comes Trouble 

One problem in Frankie’s love life stood out over the rest.  Her name was Nora Wells.  He had heard of her once on a train ride to Philadelphia, but was still not prepared for the sheer power the lady had over men.  And at an age when much of the world considered a lady past-past her prime.  But not Nora.  She still had that je ne sais quoi that delighted any Frenchman.  In particular a full-blooded 21 year-old!  But would Nora take such a young man seriously?  Would she even give him an honest chance?  Furthermore, would Frankie want a woman who could probably not give him a child?  Oh, and there was one other complication.  Frankie was in love with Nora.

Then there was Charlene.  A call-girl who did not like to admit she could be had for a price, Charlene liked straight whiskey, as much champagne as a man could afford, chocolate, and, of course, sparkling diamonds and emeralds.  Though she had never had money of her own since her family were basically beggars in the least desirable section of Manhattan, Charlene had the ability to bamboozle anyone with dignified airs and a perfect way of turning up her nose at the slightest inconvenience.  Frankie liked her.  She was attractive, though not technically pretty, plump without being overweight, and could wear the most expensive clothing as thought she was born to it.   Charlene’s ability to size up a room, and not let a single detail or conversation go unnoticed was an invaluable trait, as well.  Add to all of that she was young, only 19, and could give him all the children he wanted.  But sometimes the whiskey brought out the gutter in Charlene. Clearly she was not without her own problems. 



11 Comments Add yours

  1. Tully says:

    Waited for this! I’d vote for Nora but Charlene is way too interesting!


  2. Jill says:

    Oohhhh. Charlene is a no! If the gutter comes out after a few drinks, she could be a real problem for Frankie. Nora? Love or not there’s too much of an age difference. The point about her even giving him a real chance is valid. She probably won’t want to get involved. Frankie will have to settle for loving her from afar (sigh).


  3. Sandy says:

    Love love this guy! He’s hot, young and smart. But he might make a big mistake with that Charlene girl. She’s out for something. Money no doubt. It would be a hard lesson for him but he would learn how to judge people better!


  4. jocelyn says:

    Hot stuff! Frankie is smoldering! Agree that Charlene is a big mistake but he’s young so that may be good in the long run. Can’t wait to read more!


  5. Angela says:

    OK. Here’s what I think. Frankie should hookup with Nora, but it’s only for a short time. He’s heartbroken but never forgets her. Charlene is just a waste of time. She’ll get pregnant, but it won’t be his, and back in those days there was no way to prove it. Frankie is a stand up guy too so he needs to stay far away from Charlene! Money wise? That stash of his should be send with hired guns to France or wherever he wants. Love this!


  6. For me it’s Frankie and Nora. Besides introducing the lad to a truly wonderful lady, it would protect Nora from any possible involvement with that stupid Tracy! I know he may be out of the picture, but then maybe not! Love and hugs to you Nancy!


  7. Ginny says:

    Frankie and Charlene. Definitely. Nora isn’t too old she’s too nice. Charlene will probably take Frankie for a fast ride but he’ll be a better man because of what’s he learned. And yup he’ll have a blast along the way!


  8. Christina says:

    Great debate! Frankie should choose Nora. He can always find another Charlene. Nora will be once in a lifetime.


  9. Cat says:

    Frankie is a guy to love forever. But he’ll break a few hearts before he settles down. He should leave Nora alone. Take up with Charlene and sleep with one eye open!


  10. Tina says:

    Frankie should avoid getting serious about any woman for at least 10 years. He’s on 21!


  11. chella says:

    I think that a guy that young is going to make plenty of mistakes with women. He can date Nora if she’ll have him, and go ahead and date Charlene if Nora says no. It’s a good place to start.


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