Being A Fool Takes Guts


No doubt about it!

And on the other hand it is a lack of courage that makes a person stay with the tried and true, the safe and sound, and color only within the lines.  Yipes.  Sounds awful!

But, it is just how some of my characters play things in life.  Boring, for sure.  Stubborn to no end.  And, yes, they are afraid to step off the sidewalk for fear of getting run over. 

Unfortunately for them, this author has a natural distaste for the timid ones, and even though they may indeed be on that sidewalk they can still get flattened by a runaway carriage or, possibly worse, have a chamber pot emptied on them as they walk by.  Also yipes and yuck!

My CounterClockwise story continues. 

“Believe in your dreams. They might be telling you who you REALLY are!”

I have already published Book #3, Race Against Time.  It’s been one I’ve mulled over for some time, and, it’s different than the other two volumes in this series. 

First, Claire Stevens becomes more a part of the story and drops her role as first-person narrator.  Why?  Because the series is evolving and growing and it no longer needs that kind of narration. 

Second, Claire now realizes that she was in fact Margarita Merriton and that changes everything.  So her role also must change. 

What I’m doing next. 

Expect an updated version of Race Against Time next year (2019).  Since it’s an ebook anyone who buys it will get the update without additional expense. 

That new version will include more scenes, additional drama, magic and witchcraft, and bring in two new characters.  it will in NO WAY be a problem for anyone who already read the first edition.  If you read Book #3, and see the updated style I’m using, you will see that I have the option to add new content without taking away from the entertainment value.  Just the opposite. 

Book # 4 will arrive after that. 

Yes, there will at least two more books in this series.  I may also add a special edition that will be a collection of the character intreviews I have been writing recently. 

In Book #4, for now titled “Calling Cards”, I will bring in more grit and frankly more sex to the storyline.  Not dirty stuff because i don’t do that, but, it will be hotter and steamier.  So hold on to your hats. 

Thank you!

To everyone who has made such great comments, given me support and taken the time to send me emails and post comments.  It’s a pleasure to hear from you and I’m very appreciative of your kind words! 


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jill says:

    So true. Love is a bitch and it’s hard to take that leap of faith. I know it scares the daylights out of me lol


  2. Kelly-J says:

    Love is scary. And it’s even harder when you’ve had some bad breakups behind you or someone used you. I love your characters. They are warm, tough as they have to be and very believable.


  3. For certain! I love that about your work! You always get in touch with everyday issues we all have.


  4. chella says:

    I have many times backed away from a relationship because I was afraid of lots of stupid things. What others would say. How would the money work out. All kinds of things I regret. It’s very wise of you to bring that kind of feeling into your writing.


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