Not Writing For A While

On hold.  

My work with my CounterClockwise Paranormal Romance Series is on hold, as are any and all of my writing projects.

In 2017, I began to publish videos regularly on YouTube,  on the topic of tarot and astrology, and that has gone very well.  In just 4 months I have reached over 12K subscribers and over 700K views.  Almost all of that has been during those that 4 month time period!

And now, I have launched my own talk show “FBTV by Nancy Welker”, which is a project I can only say that I feel I should’ve started a long, long time ago.  That’s how good I feel about it.

As many of you know, I have been striving to find an acting and/or modeling gig for more than 2 years, and just haven’t been able to do that.  There’s a lot of prejudice out there toward women my age, and even though I know that is changing, I am not wiling to wait around for the entire industry to catch up on the age issue the way it has for the plus-size issue.

My dream.  

It’s here.  Now.  I’m no longer waiting around for someone to hand me an offer.  Instead, I’m making my own show!

My topics will include lots of beauty and fitness advice and reviews.  And more as well.  Motivation.  Positive body-image.  What it’s like to be an autism mom.  Cooking.  And basically, all things in life I consider to be  “forever beautiful”, which what the FB stands for in the title.

Feedback, etc.  

It’s hard for a writer these days.  I believe wholeheartedly that digital media is the way to go from here on, and has been for years now, but, I find that unless I decide to spend thousands of $$ on promoting my work, I will not get the sales or recognition that I need in order to continue putting so much effort into my writing projects.

So, while my love for Infusion Blue is still as strong as ever, I won’t be working on it for at least a year.  Or longer than that.

I will leave my posts here that are already written, and may send out the odd Facebook message for this series.  Who knows?  Perhaps my YouTube Channels will bring attention here to my writing.  That would be great!

If you want to see me or hear about me, here are the links:

Tarot And Astrology By Nancy Welker On YouTube 

FBTV By Nancy Welker On YouTube 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. While I love this series, I love the idea that you are going after that dream of yours and not letting the jerks stop you. I used model back in the day and let me tell you the idiots were there in the 90s too. Sure it is changing but it will another decade or two before it really gets to where it should be. I LOVE your concept of a talk show!


  2. Yolanda says:

    I love this work too and I know you do too, Nancy. You’ve got so much soul about you and I always feel like I’m a lazy bones when I look at everything you do! So go after that show of yours and tell the stupid ones to go pound sand!!


  3. I don’t blame you at all. You need to go after what you really want, Nancy. You have the talent. And God knows the looks, hon. And you’re a sweetie. Ha! But you don’t take the crap from people either! You’ll be fun as a talk show host. That’s for sure!


  4. Tina says:

    Surely MISS YOU!!!!


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