There’s Only ONE Version of What’s Right

And sometimes the truth hurts.  

Ouch.  One of our fine leading gentlemen is feeling the sting of being told what’s right and what’s not right.  He doesn’t like it at all. And God knows he’s bucking like a bronco with a rider on his back for the first time to shake it off.

But…..what it all comes down to …… that there’s only one version of whats right.  What??  Did I just write that in 2017??  Yup.  And I’ve got my reasons.  Read on everyone.

Who said it first.  

More to the point, when it’s bad, as in ripping someone else’s heart out, it doesn’t matter who said it first or second or whatever.  You can’t do that in life and expect to be happy.  Ever.  The Universe doesn’t work like that.  If you muck up with someone (OK I caved and didn’t say that stronger sorry if that sounds wimpy) and know that they care for you and have your best interest at heart, then you’re a shit.  (better said?)  And that’s true in 1840.  1940.  2000.  2017.  And freaking 3017 if the world survives that long.

Why it was said.  

Does it matter?  If you’ve got some selfish motive as in “I’m entitled to be happy no matter what” then you’ve got it all twisted up.  Happy isn’t about gutting someone else emotionally.  It’s not about lying.  It’s not about backstabbing.

It’s about being caring and doing the right thing.  Yes, you count.  But, unless you’ve been living with or in a relationship with a person who says your happiness doesn’t  matter then you’ve got no quarrel with her or him.  It’s on you.

Is it ever OK to lie?  

If you can’t answer that one quickly then you should stop reading this right now.  Go ahead.  Click on something else.  Because, in my story, it is not OK to lie.  No, lying as in telling someone that they can succeed when you doubt it isn’t  an actual lie, it’s encouraging a person to have faith.  There’s a huge difference between that and deceiving a person.  My characters don’t take that lightly.  To say the least.

Relationships that start out with a lie end up in a lie.  That is what will happen to every person in my books.  The good guys will win.  That’s not spoiling anything.  It’s  more like a Hallmark movie or an Agatha Christie mystery where you know the villain will lose but it’s entertaining seeing how that happens.

How do you know when something is right?  

Again – really?  That’s how my characters would answer it.  They may be 19th century people, but they are just as savvy as any of us today.  Perhaps more so in some cases.

But, to answer that question, from the point of the people in my books and from me myself, when you hurt a person who has been there for you through thick and thin, shown up every time with love and respect, it’s absolutely wrong.

Can there ever be break ups then?  

Yes.  Honest ones.  The kind of break ups that don’t leave others feeling cheated, lied to, or humiliated.  If you follow what you know in your heart and your head to be right and the other person is still angry, then you are not at fault.

However, those who lie, cheat and use others, and then cry foul when those who have been used fight back, have no place in Heaven they can count on .  Perhaps they should start stocking up on personal fans.  Sunscreen.  That sort of thing.  It may be a bit warm where they’re headed.

Read my books. They’re good!

Believe in your dreams. They may tell you who you REALLY are……



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly-J says:

    Chit that’s the truth! Love you girl!!


  2. Cat says:

    It’s that road less travelled, hon. We all know what’s right. We need to choose it and keep choosing it. Love out!!


  3. erin says:

    Oh hell yea. It’s hard to call it like it is so—-THANK YOU for having the guts to do it!


  4. cheryl says:

    Bold. It shouldn’t be bold to speak this way but it is. LOVE YOU!


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